Phenylpiracetam and Phenibut COMBO Stack

phenibut phenylpiracetam combo stack

The other day I get a call from a client for a job that required serious logistical and technical ability. For the most part I can pretty much take everything that’s thrown my way in my profession, but certain jobs still give me anxiety because I’m unsure of the outcome. I sometimes doubt my problem solving skills and ability to get the job done even though I have an outstanding track record. In my head I begin to play out the worst case scenario. I imagine the whole project going to shit. I do this for hours on end. Anxiety at its finest!

The thing about anxiety that’s crucial to understand is the worst case scenario you imagine in your head usually isn’t all that bad. Just think for a second about all the crap you worried about last year. What has come of those situations and all that constant worry? Chances are things either worked out in your favor or the worst case scenario wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. In fact, you’ve probably already forgotten about it.

Applying these basic shifts in my mindset allowed me to live somewhat peacefully as the appointment approached. The day before I was thinking about the proper nootropics stack to take to handle the job. I knew I needed something to manage anxiety, but I also needed to be completely on fire mentally.

For intense anxiety there’s nothing better than Phenibut. For mental performance there’s nothing better than Phenylpiracetam or Piracetam. I opted for Phenylpiracetam for no particular reason. There are of course differences between these 2 racetams, most notably Phenylpiracetam delivers a positive boost in mood and also enhances physical energy performance. This would come in handy as the client was surely going to want to discuss every little detail about the project. I’m not an extremely charismatic or social person, but give me the right stack and you’ll think I was a natural extrovert.

The following morning I took 200mg of Phenylpiracetam and 750mg of Phenibut HCL.

I’ve never taken this stack before and was absolutely blown away by the synergy. I felt better than I’ve ever felt on any nootropics stack. I’ve always loved Phenibut but rarely stacked it with anything. Up until this point, Phenibut for me was a great experience by itself and needed nothing to compliment it. Phenibut crushes anxiety and delivers a powerful boost in mood but doesn’t necessarily increase focus. The Phenylpiracetam took those same effects and magnified it tremendously, and added the missing focus element. It felt like a low dose of MDMA. The empathy was there, the ability to be totally social was there, and best of all the laser sharp focus was relentless.

This lasted most of the day and it was very hard to get to sleep. GABA type compounds like Phenibut and alcohol completely crush my anxiety but they also raise my mental energy to near manic levels. Racetams seem to effect me the same way. The result was complete mania and to be honest the dose was probably much too high. I would have been better off with 500mg of Phenibut and 100mg of Phenylpiracetam, or even less. You will feel just slightly depleted the next day. If you feel burnt out you probably took too much or your brain needs some Choline.

The day turned out to be amazing and I got the job done faster than I thought possible. Completing a job and getting paid also shells out a solid boost in Dopamine so I was sky high in the stratosphere.

I give this stack a 10/10 and will definitely return to this stack when the situation calls for it, but more than likely at a smaller dose.



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