Long Term Phenibut Usage Strategies

If you’re a strong positive responder to Phenibut you probably wish you could use the compound every single day. The Phenibut glow is second to none and blows standard Benzo type compounds like Xanax out of the water. Phenibut crushes anxiety while also leaving the brain in a functional state.

While daily Phenibut use is a pipe dream there are strategies you can implement to take Phenibut as much as possible. The thing about daily Phenibut usage is the tolerance problem. If taken everyday the Phenibut will become less effective, causing you to take even more of the compound. Before you know it you need 2+ grams a day to achieve the same glow you experienced on 200mg. You better hope you don’t run out of Phenibut at this point.

The key to long term Phenibut usage is discovering how much Phenibut you can get away with taking while minimizing the negative downsides.

Discovering your MED

The first action to using Phenibut safely for the long term is figuring out your MED (minimum effective dose.)

This is the LEAST amount of Phenibut you need to get functional results for anxiety, depression, or whatever other condition you are trying to modulate. Discovering your MED is 2 fold. The first major reason is taking the least amount possible is the most effective method of reducing the negative effects. By negative effects I’m speaking specifically of the next day (or day 3) rebound anxiety. Using Phenibut in high doses sets you up for unpleasant after effects as the brain attempts to rebalance itself.

The second reason is purely cost efficiency. This stuff is not free. It makes sense to only take what you need. Using Phenibut long term means you’ll be spending a good chunk of change on the stuff. Your MED ensures you are taking an effective dose while not taking more than required.

Rebound anxiety blueprint

Once you discover your MED it’s time to start pushing the envelope. How many days in a row can you get away with taking the Phenibut before the rebound anxiety becomes too much? Most people can take their MED for a single day without experiencing too much negatives. Can you push this to 2 days in a row? Take your MED 2 days in a row and assess the repercussions. You might find you can actually get away with taking Phenibut 2 days in a row, but not 3. In this case you discover your threshold. Now you know you must put space in between the days you use Phenibut. This is called cycling.


Once you know your limit it’s time to put space in between the days you dose. At first you start with a single day. Assess whether or not this is enough time for your body to return to baseline. You may have to take 2 or even 3 days off before restarting your dosing limit. Cycling is all about letting the brain return to baseline and keeping your tolerance as low as possible.


If you find that your MED starts to lose its power you need to put more spaces in between the days you take Phenibut. You never want to take more than your MED because you run the higher chance of the negative rebound effects.

Risk and reward

Ultimately you get to decide how much of the rebound anxiety you want to deal with. Some people can get away with taking more than their MED. Just know that the more you take, the worse the negative reactions will be. There may be some days you go beyond your MED but this is not a long term sustainable strategy. You always want to keep your doses effective and as a low as possible. Just read the many Phenibut withdrawal horror stories out there on the internet. They are not pretty and something you should seek to avoid or minimize. This goes back to taking the least amount as possible and putting the appropriate amount of days between doses. Over time you will develop a protocol which works well for you.



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