Best Modafinil Stack For RELENTLESS Energy

The various versions of Modafinil

The past month I’ve had the honor of experimenting with a large supply of Modafinil. Thanks to Duck Dose, I was able to secure a large sample of product with all the popular Modafinil derivatives – Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil, and Waklert.

At first I simply used the Modafinil by itself. Only after I had a firm grasp on the core Modafinil experience did I begin to branch out and stack on other nootropics.

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Artvigil Review | A Rollercoaster Romp of Glory and CRASH

my review of Artvigil

As 2017 ended and the New Year began I decided this was the year to become extremely forward driven. I knew I had to employ a serious stack of nootropics to get everything done and turned to only the best. Modafinil is hands down a staple nootropic designed to get loads of work done and users become relentless machines of productivity – including myself.

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Alpha Brain vs Neuro Ignite Nootropics Comparison

neuro ignite vs alpha brain comparison

In search of the best brain juice possible you come across tons of premade stacks claiming to amp up your brain and deliver raw cognitive power. The supplement industry exploded when nootropics came onto the market with Alpha Brain leading the way as one of the original formulas. Since then, many have came and gone but only a handful work. Alpha Brain and Neuro Ignite are 2 premade stacks with solid ingredients. Both boast many of the same ingredients but what is the core difference?

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Alpha Brain Ingredients Complete Breakdown


Nowadays there are grips of premade nootropics stacks to choose from. I’ve reviewed many of them including the popular TruBrain. New people to nootropics probably don’t remember when Alpha Brain was introduced to the market – it was revolutionary for its time. In fact, Alpha Brain served as my first introduction into the world of nootropics and I soon dove headfirst into much more powerful nootropics like Piracetam.

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Alpha Brain vs Qualia | Nootropic SHOWDOWN


Alpha Brain and Qualia – 2 of the most popular gunslingers in the nootropics market. Alpha Brain has been around for quite some time while Qualia came in hot to the market only recently. I’ve written about Alpha Brain before and have used it extensively with great results. At one point I was in contact with the guys over at Qualia and they were supposedly sending me samples of the stuff. That sample never came. With that said, I can still offer some guidance about both of these nootropics so you can make an informed buying decision.

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