TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 2


In the first post of this review I talked about my initial reactions experimenting with the TruBrain original drink packets. In this post we flash forward in time to shed light on days 2 – 5 of using both the drink packets alongside the TruBrain nootropic pills.

As mentioned, TruBrain separates their nootropic products into 2 packets. They have the original formula consisting of a general racetam stack and then a separate boost formula based on Noopept, Oxiracetam and Uridine Monophosphate. According to TruBrain you are to start with a loading phase. In the box you have 2 packets, one packet you take in the morning on an empty stomach and then a second afternoon packet. The “boost” packets and drink mixtures are to be used in conjunction with the original formula when you feel you need that extra energy.

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TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 1

TruBrain Review Part 1

Periodically I get comments or messages from people wanting to know my opinions about certain pre made nootropics stacks. Many people do not want to buy raw nootropics powder for a number of reasons. The thing is, I completely sympathize with them even though the majority of my supplementation is powder. With the powder I can easily control my dose and experiment with my own stacks. A big slice of the people who follow my videos and blog however will never get this deep into nootropics. They want a pre made stack that just works and don’t want to mess with powder and scales.

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Nootropics To Amp Up Confidence and Vigor


Everybody wants more confidence. Unless you’re Tony Robbins or a cheesy MLM salesman, a boost in confidence will significantly improve your life. Moving through the world without confidence is painful and you often find yourself in situations or places you don’t want to be. You lack the character and fortitude to say NO to people. In fact, your ability to say no is directly correlated with how confident you feel in that moment. I’m willing to bet you have agreed to do many things in life you simply didn’t want to do just because someone asked, and you didn’t have the confidence to say no.

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My Nootropics Protocol For Deep Depression

nootropics stack for depression

Depression has been a constant companion of mine since my early teenage years and has persisted throughout my 20’s. I have no doubt that I have found a life long friend in depression. Sometimes the bouts are deeper than others. On my worst days I resort to heavy drinking followed by spending many days in bed consumed by darkness, unable to even get up to take a shower. I let responsibilities slide and do just enough work to pay the rent. Nobody can reach me on my phone when I’m in this state. I block out the entire world and recluse like some creature of the night. I find solace in the late night hours when I know most of this world is sleeping and it is only me. Maybe I’ll go for a long walk at night and then hit up the 7/11 for my first meal in quite some time. Talking to the cashier is the first real human interaction in what seems like forever. I feel strange.

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Nootropics Make You Smarter In A World Getting Dumber



When I go out in public I do my best to lift myself from the fog of my own self centered pettiness to observe the people and things around me. I do this out of respect for the world because I understand it’s not just me on this planet. I listen intently to the conversations around me and make eye contact with the humans I cross paths with. If you begin to adopt these basic practices you’ll notice a number of things. The first is that people are stuck in their heads and mostly operating on complete auto pilot. Their eyes are caked over with a certain glaze, no doubt a symptom of being stuck in their own thoughts and imprisoned by their minds. This is not all people but simply most. The ones who do seem awake are usually older generations who grew up in more hardcore times, in a time with real problems where technology was not quite as developed as it is now.

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