Best Herbs and Nootropics For Libido and Sex Drive

Lost Empire Ashwagandha Tincture

A good amount of comments I get through email and on the YouTube channel involve Nootropics to enhance the libido and overall sex drive. Looking at the demographics of my audience I see many of them are in the 30+ age range. This is about the time sex drive begins to decline, especially in men from what I’ve researched. In this post I’m highlighting a few key Nootropics and herbs which have helped me in this area.

1.) MACA

Lost Empire Black Maca

Maca is a root and grows high up in the Andes mountains of Peru. It’s one of the few plants able to sustain life at such harsh altitudes. It’s traditionally used in foods and mixed into a number of dishes. Only recently has the world market became excited about this plant, and now it’s one of Perus main exports of goods.

Macas ability to increase libido remains unknown. Looking at its properties and effects in the body, we see there is no reason for this libido boosting effect to take place. Despite the lack of evidence you cannot deny the many reports of people who have taken Maca, and noticed potent changes to their sex drive. Maca increase sex drive to relentless levels. I find only a tablespoon of the stuff does the trick. The powder is mild goes completely unoticed in smoothies.

If I take Maca for more than a few days in a row I become irritable and easily agitated. For me, it’s one of those roots best used sparingly although your mileage may vary.

My recommendation is to purchase the gelatinized version of the Maca as it’s much easier absorbed by the gut.

2.) Tongkat Ali

This is another staple herb to have in your “thunder down under” medicinal cabinet. Unlike Maca its effects have been somewhat studied. Tongkat Ali increases the amount of free testosterone in the body leading to its notable sexual enhancement effects and benefits. It also appears to protect against the damages of Cortisol and chronic stress. Elevated levels of Cortisol can easily shut down your desire to have sex. Sex is an action best enjoyed during a state of calm tranquility. Be sure to get a high quality version. This is a must have herb in your overall arsenal. Check out this study for some interesting reads.

3.) Pine Pollen

Lost Empire Pine Pollen Review

Pine Pollen is the latest craze to hit the market and I was obviously skeptical at first. Pine Pollen is essentially the sex hormone from the pine tree and contains potent phtyoandrogens which deliver anabolic responses in the body. Studies show these effects are minimal at best but many people report positive sexual effects from supplementing with the herb. Using this stuff personally, there is an energetic effect to the herb and a modest boost in sex drive. Overall It’s a great herb to have around to support overall energy levels. It’s also loaded with amino acids and other essential vitamins and minerals. Sometimes simply correcting these deficiencies can lead to massive libido gains, and overall health in general.

4.) Phenibut

This one is going last on the list because it’s not exactly a sustainable solution. There is something going on with Phenibut which really makes you super horny. Even though we traditionally think of Phenibut as a sedative nootropic, there are some people who become stimulated when using Phenibut. This could be a partial response to a slight increase in Dopamine, or other systems of action we don’t quite understand yet. Regardless, you will find many other reports online of people experiencing similar results. Phenibut is addicting so I always recommend executing extreme caution.


There are no doubt a ton of other supplements I could include on this list but I’ve personally found these work well for me. As always, a steady regiment of exercise and eating right always goes a long way. If you’re overweight this will no doubt contribute to a lack of sex drive. Keeping stress levels low is also crucial. Things like Ashwagandha can reduced the stress response in the body and allow other sex hormones to make an appearance. I’ve always said this, stress is the number one killer. Get that under control and the rest will easily fall into place.

Thanks for reading.

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