Nootropics To Amp Up Confidence and Vigor


Everybody wants more confidence. Unless you’re Tony Robbins or a cheesy MLM salesman, a boost in confidence will significantly improve your life. Moving through the world without confidence is painful and you often find yourself in situations or places you don’t want to be. You lack the character and fortitude to say NO to people. In fact, your ability to say no is directly correlated with how confident you feel in that moment. I’m willing to bet you have agreed to do many things in life you simply didn’t want to do just because someone asked, and you didn’t have the confidence to say no.

People who lack confidence take the role of the people pleaser. They rationalize their lack of confidence and ability to say no. They might say “Well I’m just a nice person.” They take on the role of the nice guy or gal who is always agreeable and willing to lend a helping hand even if it means ignoring their own needs. Now, confidence doesn’t mean deliberately going out of your way to say no to people or be an asshole. That is arrogance. Confidence also doesn’t mean you act like you know every damn thing about everything. A confident person will not hesitate to act in situations they are knowledgeable or familiar with. They will also be the first to admit that they don’t have a damn clue when they don’t. Confident people are grounded in themselves and have a deep sense of faith in their abilities even in unfamiliar territory. I refer to this deep sense of faith in ones self as core confidence. 

Perhaps you’re not a naturally core confident person. I’m certainly not. Confidence is a daily struggle and a process of refinement over time. The thing is, everybody has confidence in certain areas of life. There are things you are good at and can do confidently. You are reading this right now. While it might not seem much to you, many people struggle to read and find it difficult. You can say you are confident in your ability to read. I have a friend who can’t swim. Swimming pools and bodies of water give him anxiety and admitting he can’t swim is a source of embarrassment. This same friend also happens to be James Bond when it comes to socializing with people. His charisma is magnetic. There is nothing impressive about his looks but his confidence attracts people from across the room and they can’t get enough.

The trick is knowing you have confidence in you and learning how to tap into it at a moments notice.

If it’s one thing you want to get handled in your life it’s confidence. Trust me, you do not want to be the fat balding 40 year old guy who never developed confidence. Let’s face the facts. It’s bad enough the guy is balding but his lack of confidence will foster disgust in everyone he meets. People will walk all over his bald head and he will slowly wither away into a shell of his former potential. Little money, no love life, no friends, no excitement, no VIGOR. Just a lonely apartment he goes to after clocking out of the office. The same fat bald guy with confidence I guarantee is living the life and enjoying every moment. The world is his oyster and he’s got everything in the world worth having. He’s got the money and the social status. This confident fat bald man is admired by all his peers and a pillar of the community. On his arm is an attractive woman. As he walks through a crowded place you can hear the sneers and judgments of the unconfident people: “Why is she with HIM?!?”

Confidence will attract the things you want in life. It’s that simple.

My GO-TO Nootropics For Confidence

Do you want to know something I’ve learned about confidence? Nootropics can put you on the FAST TRACK to feeling instantly more ballsy, instantly more sure of yourself, instantly more charismatic and confident.

The trick is using nootropics to develop skill in one particular area so the confidence becomes programmed in to your psychology. Nootropics will give you the boost in brain power to quickly learn and become skillful in any area.

I first invite you to obtain a high quality source of Choline like CDP-Choline. Choline is a staple nootropic for memory and can even boost your mood by increasing concentrations of Dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is crucial for feeling motivated and creating the mental energy required to learn and become confident in a skill. Experiment with a Choline source before adding anything else. There’s a reason why Choline is included in most pre made nootropics stacks.

Next I relentlessly recommend the racetams. Subscribers to my You Tube channel know I’m the biggest fan of Piracetam and have had great success with the other racetams as well. I find Piracetam levels out my mood so I’m less anxious in unfamiliar situations. It cuts through the bullshit and allows me to discover the right words to say at the right time. Great for verbal fluency and feeling confident to explain the ideas in your head.

Phenylpiracetam increases your physical energy to insane levels. I personally find it out performs even the most popular pre workout powders which are mostly just loaded down with caffeine. Believe me, your core confidence goes through the roof when your physical body feels strong. This is why I use Phenylpiracetam during my workouts. I can go above and beyond to build muscle and increase my gains. This is great stuff if you’re constantly tired and lethargic. You simply can’t be confident if you don’t have enough energy. When you’re developing lean muscle and you feel physically strong, you feel confident.

I’m also a huge fan of Phenibut especially for the occasional situation where you can’t get anxiety under control. When it comes to completely crushing anxiety and giving you unlimited social confidence, Phenibut wins hands down. I used it to deliver a speech at my best friends funeral. I recommend using Phenibut sparingly and only for the occasional situation. This stuff is powerful and can be addicting. Phenibut is quite literally “confidence in a capsule.”

Lastly, you simply can’t overlook good ol’ Modafinil. Modafinil delivers a powerful boost to overall mental and physical energy and provides a decent Dopamine boost. Once again, the most successful people on the planet have a very high functioning Dopamine system. Modafinil must be used sparingly as it can become habit forming. Never take on consecutive days and I always recommend starting off with a half a dose. In the case of Modalert 200, split the tablet in half and start there.


Confidence will be something you work on continuously. It’s a skill that must be honed. It’s a characteristic forged deep in the soul through constant training and repetition. Like a muscle, the more you practice the more skillful you become.

Nootropics simply speed up the process of learning and give you a nice boost in mood to cut out the anxiety associated with unfamiliar territories.

Thanks for reading and hit me up in the comments with all your questions.


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