Nootropics Depot Sample Pack Review

Sample nootropics pack from Nootropics Depot

Getting into nootropics is an exciting endeavor with an exciting variety of nootropics to choose from. People often ask me what a good starter nootropic is. At this point I always recommend picking up a sample pack. Good sample packs like this one from Nootropics Depot offer a medley of different nootropics allowing you to explore across a spectrum.

Best of all, all of the nootropics in this pack come in capsule form so there is no hassle of weighing out each individual dose. Many of the nootropics I recommend only come in bulk powder form – this often deters people from experimenting which is why I’m a huge fan of samplers.

In this post I’m going to break down each nootropic in this particular pack.

Introducing the nootropics

Piracetam – I can talk about Piracetam until I am blue in the face. It was the first real nootropic I experimented with and remains one of my favorites. Piracetam is arguably the most well studied nootropic on the market and boasts a wellspring of cognitive benefits. I find my verbal fluency goes through the roof and memorizing small details becomes trivial. When I first began using Piracetam I experienced these sudden flashes of childhood memories I completely forgot about. This is definitely powerful stuff and I always recommend Piracetam as a potent starter nootropic.

Aniracetam – Aniracetam is another one of my favorite nootropics. This is another racetam type compound and produces very interesting effects. Aniracetam is unique because it’s much more calming and less cerebral. Taking Aniracetam chills you out and lot’s of people use it to manage anxiety and stress. For me, Aniracetam relaxes my nerves and turns up the brightness on everything. Colors pop. Music also becomes extremely enjoyable. I can sit and play guitar for hours and simply lose myself in each note. Very good stuff.

I’ve got a full review of Aniracetam right here.

Oxiracetam – Oxiracetam is one of the more potent and speedy racetams. For those who want a true cerebral experience I recommend Oxiracetam. It’s a fantastic nootropic to put the pedal to the medal and increase cognitive performance to blistering speeds. In fact, I find that Oxiracetam is too much for me. My thoughts go into overdrive making it difficult to concentrate on a single task. I do prefer Piracetam over Oxiracetam.

Noopept – Last on the list is Noopept. Some people swear by Noopept while others absolutely hate it. The thing is, if a nootropic doesn’t sync up with your unique chemistry you can experience negative side effects like brain fog. Noopept is one of these nootropics that’s either going to work or not. That’s what I like about this sample pack, you can quickly decipher what nootropics work for you. From there you can start bulk ordering the powders to save money.

Using the nootropics

It’s important to not take all of these at once even though it’s tempting. New users think that combining multiple nootropics will only deliver even more brain juice. The truth is, finding nootropics that work well together is a long process of experimentation and requires a bit of skill and know how to pull off properly. Starting out it’s best to stick with a single nootropic until you get a feel for your body and how different compounds effect you.


Nootropics Depot is one of the best suppliers for nootropics on the market and has put together some truly high quality sample packs. If you’re confused about what to get I recommend picking up the sample pack and starting off with Piracetam. Remember, one at a time!


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