Microdosing 1P vs 1Cp-LSD (Initial Thoughts)

Microdosing 1P vs 1Cp-LSD (Initial Thoughts)

Recently I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to take micro dosing to the maximum level with the help of 2 novel compounds – 1p-LSD and 1Cp-LSD. Many subscribers have asked me about whether or not there’s any real difference between the 2. Some people say they are the exact same because they both convert to LSD in the body. Now, this might be true but I can say for certain there are clear differences in the overall subjective experience. I’ll do my best to illustrate those differences in this post. Keep in mind I’m mainly discussing micro doses between the 10 – 30mcg range. While I have taken high doses of 1P, I have not taken high doses of 1cp so I can only discuss the micro dose effects at 10mcg, and the somewhat heavier effects of 30 mcg.


1P-LSD for me is extremely energizing. A microdose of 10mcg is all I need to feel full of energy and productive throughout the day. The energy levels can sometimes border on the hectic and manic scale. Music appreciation is heightened at pretty much any dose. I also seem to be more sensitive to the uncomfortable side effects of 1P. At 30mcg I get cold and clammy. Even in the summer I found myself very cold. This is why I try to keep the dose at the 10mcg scale where these effects are less pronounced, although inevitably I do find myself taking up to 30mcg on some days. I would say 30mcg is not a true micro dose because there are clear visuals at such doses. The walls begin to pulse and the world takes on a psychedelic nature. Ideas rip through my brain with power and force. Creativity is at all time highs. Laughter is somewhat uncontrollable. Introspective.


1Cp-LSD is less cerebral, less manic. It’s more in the body. I experience a heavy body load. A relaxing of the body. I do not seem to be effected by the vasoconstriction effects to the same degree as 1P. There is an anxiolytic response. It seems very calm and relaxing as opposed to the 1P. If I compare it to Splash Mountain, 1cp is the relaxing part of the ride as you slowly ascend to the top of the mountain while 1P is going down the mountain at full force, everything is wet, and you sometimes wonder if the boat is going to tear straight off the tracks. Visuals at the 30mcg range seem to be almost identical. The pulsing, breathing, and the subtle distortions are very similar.

Final thoughts

This is a short post to jot down my initial thoughts about both compounds. Overall I found the 1Cp is much calmer and less cerebral while the 1P provides more energy. I’d say the 1P probably lends itself better to the Depressed individual, especially if said individual struggles with low energy. The 1Cp is more anxiolytic and lends itself better to the highly anxious. As always, your mileage may vary. I’ve heard others report the complete opposite. These are my findings.


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Armand Della Volpe
11 months ago

Wow, thanks. I just started microdosing and am trying both. I only did 16mcg and found it was way too much so in two days I will try 8mcg. I have heard every 3 or 4 days is best. I’m using this to get off Adderall because it is not good for my heart condition.

10 months ago

where do you order?

2 months ago
Reply to  Lee

Hi, you can search the web and find many research chemical laboratories that sell 1P and 1cP LSD. Please be careful with these compounds as they can cause serious damage to your mental health.

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