Lost Empire Black Maca Review

Lost Empire Black Maca

As part of my massive March 2019 Nootropics haul I bought a small army’s worth of powerful herbal powders and plant extracts. One of these compounds was Black Maca from Lost Empire Herbs. I’ve experimented with Maca in the past with very good results. The stuff is downright potent for delivering massive amounts of energy and boosting libido to almost uncomfortable levels. It’s like being a teenager back on the bus ride home hoping your hard-on goes away before it’s your stop. With Maca it’s always a good idea to wear jeans and not gym shorts.

What is Maca?

Maca is an edible plant native to the rough regions of the Peruvian Andes Mountains.  It is somewhat similar to radishes and turnips in the way it forms and grows underground, classic to root vegetables. Maca is one of the few edible plants known to sustain life under the harsh conditions of the mountains, in fact it thrives up there despite no other plant doing so. It’s one of the most frost tolerant plants in the world and natives have used Maca for years as both a medicine and a food. Traditionally, only the roots are used to produce various culinary dishes. The root is typically dried to produce a powder used for baking. A porridge is created by first mashing and boiling the roots down to a liquid and then combining with milk to make “Mazamorra.” The cooked root is also used with other vegetables inside empanadas. It’s a true superfood boasting a ton of vitamins and minerals making it an indispensable part of your arsenal.

Main benefits

Maca was pretty much confined to the mountains and culture of South America until the world caught wind of Macas most notable quality – the libido enhancing properties. While limited studies have been conducted Maca has been shown to increase sperm quality in one particular study. 1 Despite the limited research into this hearty root, many men have reported positive benefits to overall sexual drive and libido when using Maca. If you’re lacking in overall sex drive and energy, Maca is a powerful Aphrodisiac sure to regain that lost sensation deep in the crotch.

Maca is also dense with nutrients to support overall health. It’s loaded with Fibre and contains notable amounts of Vitamin C, Copper, and Iron. I love to throw in a heaping spoonful of the powder straight into my post workout power shake.

Lost Empire Black Maca

Lost Empires Black Maca is solid high quality stuff. The powder isn’t black despite its name but gives salute to the black root in its original form. The powder itself is a somewhat off brown or beige color. There are 3 different colors of Maca root with Black Maca being the most popular for people looking to take advantage of the Aphrodisiac properties. I couldn’t find a source on the actual differences between the colors. Not surprising given the overall lack of decent research into Maca. Despite this, I went with Black Maca just because that’s what everyone else seemed to be using.

One tip I can give you is buy the gelatinized version of the Maca. Raw Maca is difficult to digest due to the outer husk and shell of the root. Gelatinized Maca undergoes a process of removing the husk so it’s easy to process for the body. Many people have reported unpleasant gassy side effects from using the raw Maca so be warned.

Overall I have found this stuff to be potent indeed. Everday I take the Maca is a day where I can’t stop thinking about sex. I’ll pop a good stiffy multiple times throughout the day. Even fat girls and women I wouldn’t normally find attractive suddenly turn into potential prospects. Load size and overall projectile capabilities are greatly enhanced. I don’t care what anyone says, blasting a massive load on your girlfriends back after a hot steamy session is the most satisfying experience. It’s like a game of skee ball seeing how far your load can make it. My record is just above the shoulder blade.


That’s enough of that.


All I can say is Maca works and you would be wise to pick some up. Check out Lost Empire Herbs to get the stuff I use.


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