Kratom Withdrawals Days 3 – 4

Kratom Withdrawals Days 3 – 4

This post will sum up the state of my Kratom withdrawals on days 3 and 4. Day number 3 I was relatively free from any notable symptoms save for a few sneezes.

Day 4 (today) I have sneezed a few times. The restlessness has eased up quite a bit from days 1 and 2.

Overall I’d say the biggest hit is to my overall motivation to work. I cannot for the life of me summon any amount of enthusiasm to do any work at all. In this state I find work to be meaningless. I will generally feel this way from time to time, but this apathy has certainly been made worse by stopping Kratom cold turkey.

I should note that I also quit Nicotine gum cold turkey. I was chewing a few pieces of the 2mg fruit chill from Nicorette, for about the same amount of time I was taking Kratom. I believe my low moods can certainly be attributed to the sudden cessation of both these compounds. Also I’ve been relying on Etizolam to go to sleep. Using a sedative will leave me feeling somewhat blunted the subsequent day.

As I write this I’m realizing this may not be useful for anyone except for entertainment purposes. Because I’m coming off so many things, and also taking certain other compounds it’s hard to really gauge the true nature of the withdrawals.

I am considering a 72 hour fast where I consume no food or substances. Perhaps then will I understand what I’ve really done to my brain with all these compounds. The fasting would be a good overall reset, although being as lean as I am I worry about losing weight I can’t afford to spare.

Current mood is one of apathy and bluntness. The days lately have seemed to just drone on and blend into the next day.

It would indeed be nice to have some Kratom, or a few stiff drinks to ease the suffering. Can the addict ever truly be at peace?

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