Gaia Yellow Vietnam Review

my review of gaia yellow vietnam

Lately I’ve become quite fond of Kratom and trying out all different strains. I’ve mostly stuck to red veins but on this recent order from Gaia I threw in a few curve balls, including a strain called Yellow Vietnam. I had no idea what Yellow Vietnam was but the name caught my eye and I went for it. It sounded intense, like it carried the heaviness of the Vietnam war deep in its roots.

The reality is not quite what I expected.

Turns out this strain is somewhere smack dab in the middle of a red and white. It’s not sedating at all but not quite energizing either. It gives you this nice mild euphoria, takes its time coming on, and lasts for an impressive part of the day. One thing about the reds is they make you completely useless for anything productive, mostly suited for nights when you’re done working. This yellow was quite a mellow fellow indeed.

I was actually not looking forward to taking this dose. In the beginning I had more of a stomach for Kratom, but now I find I am somewhat repulsed by the taste. I think because I took too much one day and now I associate the taste with nausea and dizziness. Same thing happened to me with Kava, and actually I believe Kava is even worse than Kratom.

I had to find a better way to get this down. A few days ago I bought some pea milk for no logical reason whatsoever. I think I saw that it was loaded with Omega 3’s and I was hunting for something non-dairy to use in protein shakes.

I took 2 teaspoons and mixed it in with this pea milk the best I could. No matter how much I mixed, this stuff would not dissolve. I can usually get Kratom to completely dissolve in water but this concoction was relentless. I dreaded the idea of chugging the solution but did so anyways. Chunks of Kratom were sticking to the glass and a chunk somehow caked itself to my front teeth. Disgusting. Of course I did the right thing and poured more liquid into the cup to get every last grain of Kratom. The Pea milk did a surprising job at masking the taste.

It seems to be my ritual after taking Kratom is making black tea and then sitting down at my computer to do nothing productive. Normally I drink my tea and coffee black but after Kratom I need something a little sweet so I dump some sugar in there. I will listen to music, check emails, and then coordinate with my boss about what needs to be done for the day. Fortunately my job allows for flexible and laid back hours, I can spend the mornings doing what I want and then hammer out work later in the afternoon.

I mostly feel that signature Kratom warmth 15 – 20 minutes in but the Yellow Vietnam took well over a half hour before I felt anything at all. At first I thought this was a very weak batch but at hour 2 the effects seemed to double in strength. It still wasn’t strong like a red but it did have that signature euphoric aspect. This one is a creeper for sure. I could easily focus on work and it made tedious tasks pleasurable instead of mind numbing.

For that, I salute Yellow Vietnam as a great strain to take during the day when you have stuff to do. I can see this being a good one to mix, maybe with a white or green.

If you want a mild and mellow strain with a bit of euphoria try out Gaias Yellow Vietnam.


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