Gaia Super Green Malay Kratom Review

gaia super green malay kilo

Gaia Botanicals boasts an impressive variety of Kratom strains. Recently I purchased 3 different types, one of which was their signature Super Green Malay. Alongside the SGM I also got Red Dragon (read review here) and a Red Maeng Da.

Both the Red Dragon and the Red Maeng Da blew me away and I assumed the SGM would also. After multiple doses and attempts to find a dose that agreed with me, I concluded that this particular batch was not for me.

Right off the bat I made the rookie mistake of taking way too much. With the Red Dragon and Red Maeng Da I found my sweet spot was anywhere between 2 – 3 teaspoons. I erroneously carried this logic over to the Super Green Malay and found this dose was WAY too much.

30 minutes into taking 3 teaspoons I was slightly nauseous and dizzy. 1 hour in I retired myself into bed where I spent the next hour curled into the fetal position. I couldn’t open my eyes or else the wobbles overtook my vision. Now, I can say during this time the euphoria was very strong. I felt a powerful euphoria in my body and I didn’t have a care in the world. As long as I had my eyes shut the experience was…recreational at best. I did not have the chill focus and presence of mind I enjoy from reds. For example, I can write and shoot videos on a decent red with no problem. In fact, a good red reduces much of my anxiety and increases my focus. This was not the case with the SGM.

I was disappointed because I knew I took too much…and I hate wasting a day due to taking too much Kratom, or because the batch is bad.

I vowed next time to take only a single teaspoon rather than 3.

I waited 4 days before dosing the SGM again, this time, sticking to my plan of taking a much lower dose.

I was once again disappointed to find that even a single teaspoon of the Super Green Malay left me dizzy, unfocused, and had given me a low level anxiety. Fortunately many of these negative aspects passed after an hour leaving me with a slight euphoric and energetic warmth. At hour one I decided to take 25mg of Tianeptine Sulfate to add a little boost to my mood…and this rounded everything out quite nicely.

At the end of the day I decided this wasn’t the batch for me and I would not be revisiting this particular Kilo.

If you’re reading this in August of 2018 the remainder of the Kilo is up for grabs as part of my monthly giveaways.

I do not believe this is a bad batch of Kratom but I know this batch doesn’t agree with my chemistry.

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