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Piping Rock
Piping Rock from the US!

As you all know I live in Thailand. The only nootropics they sell here are: ALCAR, L-Theanine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. That's it. So I had to do some research and found Piping Rock from the US.

It takes around 7 working days which is fucking fast!!! ( takes 3-4 weeks)

You find many products there, such as Alpha GPC, ALCAR, L-Theanine, Citicoline, Bacopa, PQQ, NAC, Magnesium Glycinate, L-Threonate and many other things....

@Fallon: they also have liquid extracts...Their Ashwagandha is not bad at all, so is their Valerian Root  Big Grin

check it out!
Just ordered few things like nac,gaba,tryptophan,magnesium glycinate, turmeric root, tyrosine ect. .
Who could resist their -50% off sale, and additional discount at checkout made it even sweeter Wink

update:  woke up and email said, we re sorry to hear that you canceled your order or something like that. Customer support was friendly, but they could have just said you cant use additional  discount on top of sale off, cuz i bet it was this that made em cancel it, instead they just asked for some info that was already  there, asked me to  reorder and obviously i cant use any discount code :p

It`s not about that 10 bucks discount, just dont feed me with, its all about your protection stuff.
Wish them all the best, but as soon as  "its all about your protection" comes up for no good reason, im out!  Seen it already and usually nothing good comes out of it.
Hey, did you vitamines came trough or what happened, good to know a little update Smile

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