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Nootropics/herbs for increased brain blood flow in POTS/Lyme patient?
Hello all-

New to nootropics, fighting a case of chronic Lyme and its accompanying dysautonomia and MCS. My most debilitating symptom, by far, is severe brain fog. After fine tuning my diet and starting herbs to treat the Lyme I believe I have narrowed down the cause of my reduced cognitive function to be lack of blood flow to my brain. Right now I am using lions mane, chaga, cordyceps, quercetin, coq10, l-glutamine, gingko, siberian ginseng, holy basil, cistus incanus, and a boatload of vitamins. I started a daily meditation practice, and light cardio through the day.
What can I add to specifically increase blood flow/oxygen to my brain without lowering my blood pressure?
Piracetam probably has the most research behind it supporting increased cerebral blood/oxygen flow
I will second the Piracetam but I have long suspected that it lowers my blood pressure. I'm not diagnosed with POTS but since I can remember I always get dizzy standing up, never to the point of fainting but occasionally having to lean against a wall for stability until my vision comes back. It can get real bad. Piracetam seems to make this problem slightly worse although I don't consider the side effect debilitating enough to not take it. Piracetam is one of my favorite Nootropics for brain function, reducing brain fog etc. I find increasing salt and water consumption helps with blood pressure alot, also standing up slowly.

It is interesting to note that there are no studies indicating Piracetam lowers blood pressure, if anything some studies show an increase so you may not experience a drop at all.

Other Nootropics I've found particularly helpful for brain fog are NAC and Phenylpiracetam. Idk if some of your symptoms include lethargy but if they do Phenylpiracetam has a nice stimulating quality.
Big Grin I like how you put the tick in your post

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