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Nootropic Source
I wanted to give a review of Nootropic Source since there are mixed reviews out there on the web. I ordered from them about 2 weeks ago. Since I ordered via my checking they have a 7 day wait first time for your checking to clear. Once it cleared, it was sent out. I ordered Bromantane and Semax. Semax comes in a nasal spray with a ice pack in the bag since it must be refrigerated. I tried the Semax this evening and it is fairly inline with the review of the product from Fallon that he purchased from RuPharma. 

Given the amount of stuff on the web of different vendors and even online pharmacies for that matter, it can be difficult sometimes to sift through what is real or not. I wanted to provide feedback on my experience with them. I haven't tried the Bromantate yet but will post an update once I do try it. 

My reasoning for going with Nootropic Source was that in general the reviews I found overall were average to above average (3 to 3.5 stars out of 5). I wanted to go with RuPharma but since I don't have Bitcoin yet, I decided to give this vendor a try.
The noopept from them seemed to be good , i can't compare it to any other vendor, thats the only noopept i ever purchased. I definitely gained focus and slight speedy type reactions, also i noticed occasionally my anxiety would just disappear after dosing it for a few days. I actually had exceptional results when i took some while crashing from adderall, it was quite surprising, as i was expecting opposite effects. But yeah...I'm curious how the bromantane is too.

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