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Mid day pickme up stack
So I want to share my experience with a simple stack I use to help push through the work day.

I currently work in a fast paced factory, on my feet 8 hours strait. When about 2pm comes around I'm usually dragging my feet. Not always though ha ha

100 mg phenylpiracetam 
100 mg caffeine( powder for convenience
50 mg l theanine
100 mg sulbutamine(still testing this, but I think it helps with mood)
50-100 mg alpha gpc if needed

This combo provides an exceptional burst of positive energy. I do this at about 2pm when I have an hour or so to go. As I'm working i can feel my mood shift to something good and I breeze though the rest of the day. 

 Then about an hour later use about 2-3 grams of green kratom and I'm in a really good place after that. This keeps me from getting into that after work exhaustion mindset.  Go happy!!!
Nice solid stack right there. That will definitely power you through that mid day slump!

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