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Best form of Magnesium??
What is Y'alls opinion on Magnesium? Feeling a little overwhelmed with the options. Bought Mag at the store but apparently it's Oxide which is not absorbed by the body? Looking into a product called Magtech which has a bunch of versions in it but want to know what you guys prefer. I know Fallon talks about Glycinate in some videos. 

Mainly looking for something to calm down, easy anxiety, help sleep, maybe even fight Depression if that's possible. Heard both good and bad things about it, not sure if it's overrated. Also don't really want the laxative response....
Magnesium Citrate is the one with the laxative effect AFAIK, if you go to the store and you buy the liquid laxative it's almost always Mag Citrate so you may want to avoid that one. I've tried both Glycinate (tastes like old feet) and Magnesium L-Threonate which seemed better for anxiety and overall mental focus. I've read some people say there is no difference between the versions at all but I disagree subjectively. Also look into epsom salt baths and eating more leafy greens if you can. very important mental health mineral in my opinion take it with some Zinc and vitamin D and that's a super mental health stack right there. BTW I will take the Citrate day after Kratom usage because the K constipates me to no end. I know, TMI but could be a useful tid bit of info for anyone with Kratom induced "Konstipation" problems.
Magnesium oil on the bottom of your feet! It will sting a little bit especially if your defecient. I use ancient minerals brand.

Yes I can second the magnesium oil being effective. It's something you do at night before you shower. Let it soak in and then shower it all off. Good for sleep and general calmness.

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