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About Me
Hey Whats up Fallon and other nootropic enthusiasts, my name is Andreas, currently a 20 year old college student living in Southwest Virginia. I would say my interest in nootropics (and all mind altering substances) started when I bought some Phenibut online about two years ago. I remember having somewhat of an anxiety disorder as a child in elementary school, and still deal with anxiety in my day to day life. Both of my parents are (high) functioning alcoholics, so its easy to see why Phenibut became my nootropic of choice. First time taking it was unlike any other experience in my life, I felt completely carefree, social, enthusiastic, like I was a kid at the playground. I ended up abusing phenibut for a while but am now able to use it sparingly with the help of other noots, namely Ashwahganda and L-theanine to ease day to day anxiety. I would say your channel is one of my favorites on youtube, all the info in your videos have been extremely informative. Cheers!
Hey bro good to have you!

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