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In this post I’m going to cover a few ways to dial in your Kratom dose. I’ll cover how much to take, multiple methods of measuring your dose, and leave you with a few pro tips I’ve learned along the way. See my guide to Kratom for an in depth general guide to the plant.

How much Kratom do you need to take?

When I speak of Kratom in this guide I’m talking about powdered Kratom. Kratom powder is created from the ground up leaves of the Kratom plant and is dried. A proper dose of Kratom powder is measured in grams and the dose you take is anywhere from 1 – 7 grams.¬†That is, if you’re a new Kratom user with zero tolerance. I will stress the importance of starting on the low end of the spectrum and increasing your dose rather than the reverse. This method has multiple benefits. First, you’re reducing your risk of experiencing negative side effects from taking too much kratom. I’ve taken too much before and the experience is not pleasant. You’ll get nauseous, dizzy, and will become very familiar with what experienced Kratomites call the wobbles. Kratom wobbles are a nauseous combination of dizziness and blurred vision. With Kratom, less is more. It’s a common mistake to redose a second time with the logic that taking more Kratom will make you feel even better than you did after the first dose. Wrong! Less is more indeed.

This is good news for both you and your wallet. The idea behind discovering your perfect dose is so you can take the lowest amount of Kratom you need to get the most bang. There is a negative tipping point with Kratom that must be respected.

Measuring Kratom

If you want to be a real pro the best way to measure your dose of Kratom is with a digital scale. This will give you an exact weight measurement and allows for pinpoint dosing accuracy. Digital scales are cheap and totally worth it if you’re serious about taking Kratom long term.

However, a scale is a luxury and certainly not required. In fact, when I first took Kratom I didn’t have a scale at the time leading me to create my own method of measuring. In front of me I had an ounce of unopened Kratom from Gaia Botanicals. Since an ounce is 28 grams, I simply took a teaspoon and counted how many level scoops I could get from the pouch. With this method I scooped a total of 16 teaspoons. Dividing 28 grams by 16 teaspoons left me with 1.75 grams per teaspoon. That’s about as close as you can get to an accurate measurement without a scale.¬†This method works for small pouches but would be ridiculous to attempt with an entire Kilo. In fact, most people can get away with taking a single teaspoon at a time and feeling how their body reacts. If you don’t feel much from 1 teaspoon try 2 teaspoons, etc etc.

I will also note that different strains and types of Kratom will weigh differently, and some strains are much stronger than others. For example, I can take 2 – 3 teaspoons of Red Maeng Da but If I took the same amount of Super Green Malay I would be curled up in bed with the wobbles. This is why it’s crucial to determine the proper dose for each strain you have. Each one might be completely different in both strength and weight.

Consuming Kratom

There are various ways to get Kratom into your system. The most popular method is the toss and wash. With the T&W method you place your dose of Kratom powder into your mouth and then slug it down with a drink of your choice. This isn’t a bad method but it’s not for everyone. The powder can easily be inhaled if you’re not careful surely forcing you to cough out the entire contents. It reminds me of the cinnamon challenge. The toss and wash is effective for a teaspoons worth of Kratom but anymore than that I like to mix it into a drink. I’ve found orange juice is the best liquid for mixing Kratom. It seems to mask the taste of the Kratom much better than other liquids. After I drink the contents of the orange juice I will pour a second glass and swirl everything around to get all the Kratom stuck to the sides. I know some people like to make Kratom tea. For me, no thanks but that’s a method you can research if it interests you.


Start with the lowest dose possible and discover the minimum dose you need to reach your desired effect. Scales are nice but not necessary. Have fun and don’t abuse this wonderful plant!

Thanks for reading.



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