Gaia Red Dragon Kratom Review

red dragon kratom from gaia botanicals

As part of the July 2018 Giveaway I ordered a bunch of Kratom from Gaia Botanicals. It had been a while since I experimented with Kratom so I was stoked to finally get the order in, and to take a healthy dose of course.

I ordered 5 different strains of varying colors. I got some green, red, and white veins. I’ve never tried white before so I figured I’d throw in a white vein for good measure.

With all this Kratom layed out I had to decide what strain to take. It was early in the evening, I was fairly exhausted from a long bike ride and a long day at work. I knew it had to be a red but which one? I had Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, and Red Dragon…there were many to choose from.

…But with a name like Red Dragon I had to give it the first honoring.

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Is Kratom addictive? | My personal experience

The most popular video to date on the Gonootropics YouTube channel is my Kratom review video. That one gained well over 70,000k views and received over 350 comments. The video sees steady traffic to this day. It served as my formal introduction to the Kratom community at large and also to the YouTube hater, whom I had only little experience with previously…LOL.

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