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Securing high quality Modafinil these days can be a challenge. You get super stoked when you find a vendor only to hit a brick wall when it comes to paying for product. Most Modafinil vendors only accept Bitcoin or other complex payment methods. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a vendor who accepts credit cards? In the case of, they do. This is a major differentiating factor other Modafinil vendors can’t compete with.

Discovering BuyModa

I woke up one day with an email in my inbox from the guy who runs the company. I must mention I get A LOT of these types of emails and usually just delete them straight away – especially in the morning when I have a low tolerance for spam. Something jumped out at me and I cracked open the email. Keith explained to me that BuyModa was a USA based Modafinil vendor who accepted credit cards and had fast shipping times. This caught my attention and so I decided to engage further with the discussion. I whipped out a quick email explaining if he wanted me to promote his company I would need samples of product. No problem he said.

Securing samples

Keith sent me samples of Modalert 200. This is of course the holy grail of Modafinil. I was surprised to receive the product within a weeks time. These days Modafinil shipments can take 2 – 3 weeks to come in. I enjoyed the quick shipping time and quickly tore into the package like a savage beast to test the product.

Product quality

For me, Modafinil must pass a series of tests before I call it good product. I first chew the tablets to ensure it has that signature Modafinil taste. Check. It’s hard to describe and I don’t recommend you chew it. It tastes like chemicals. It’s bitter and unpleasant but it’s all part of the test. Second I make sure all the classic effects of Modafinil start kicking in around hour 1. At the first hour you should already begin to feel a heightened sense of wakefulness. The world comes alive and the brain switches on. Check. The third thing I look for is appetite supression. You don’t want to eat anything on Modafinil. Check. Fourth, your urine smells like asparagus piss on roids. Check. Fifth, Insomnia. Check!

Genuine Modafinil indeed, what else can I say. You can read my complete review on Modafinil if you want an in depth look into the compound.



Overall I’ve had a positive experience with Buy Moda and I can recommend them as a solid vendor. They offer a lot of perks other Modafinil companies don’t. They process credit cards. They have lightning fast shipping times. The product is good.

They also ship Modafinil to Canada so if you’re North of the good ol’ US of A then consider them. They do have a hefty surcharge to get it into the country but it’s worth it. As far as I know they are the only vendor capable of getting Modafinil into Canada.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions drop a comment or shoot me an email via the contact form. 


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Brooklyn Peterson
16 days ago

At first my product was genuine but the last 2 orders were fake product.

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