Phenibut Review – Should You Avoid At All Costs?

Phenibut is one of the more “hardcore” nootropics out on the market. It’s touted as the best nootropic for crushing anxiety and calming even the most frayed nerves.

And I must say, these accusations about Phenibut are true. The right dose of Phenibut will chill you right out and melt away all stress.

Recreationally, Phenibut finds itself being used by people with social anxiety so they can go out to bars, clubs, and meet people without being racked by devastating levels of anxiety.

Something this good can’t be without it’s downsides right?

My experience using Phenibut

I’m a lot like you. I read as many reviews about Phenibut as I could before I made the decision to purchase some and try it out for myself. Some people had great things to say about this nootropic while others talked about it like it was spawned from the 7th circle of hell.

I started off with a gram of Phenibut. In about 2 hours I began to feel the sedative properties of the Phenibut take hold. I was much more relaxed and found myself talking freely with my friends. I was excited to engage in conversation, play music, and have jolly good time with everyone around me.

It was amazing stuff. Almost like taking a Xanax but without the mental dullness associated with hardcore benzos. There seemed to be a certain energy level with taking Phenibut. I was sedated but still mentally alert and sharp. This is a significant quality of the nootropic.

The effects lasted well into the day with an after glow the next morning. Unlike others, I did not experience a Phenibut hangover. I’ve read some reports of people experiencing excruciating hangovers on Phenibut. Some people can’t tolerate GABA type drugs I guess.

Phenibut and GABA

Phenibut effects the neurotransmitter GABA in your brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for feeling calm. It inhibits the easily excitable neurons from firing too quickly. Anxious people have a deficit of GABA activity and so they always feel nervous and on edge.

Medications like Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan work to regulate these neurotransmitters and block them from firing off too fast. The result is a feeling of extreme calmness.

Phenibut acts in a similar way, modulating the GABA in your brain and inducing a sedating and calming effect.

My Hallmark Phenibut Experience

I always say nootropics and substances, especially the “hardcore” varieties, should only be used for specific situations and never abused. Recently my best friend passed away and I knew I was going to give a speech at his funeral. His death combined with the thought of getting up in front of a large gathering of people induced massive amounts of anxiety in myself.

I took Phenibut the day of his service and delivered the best speech of my life. In fact, I actually enjoyed being up there, telling stories, and expressing my emotions. I don’t think I could have done this without Phenibut. There is no way that the speech would have came out as fluid as it did. The whole thing flowed perfectly.

Phenibut vs benzodiazepines

Phenibut in my experience is similar to drugs like Xanax and Valium. However, Phenibut differs in one major way – it does not effect your mental functioning and in fact, actually enhances your thinking and the flow of ideas. The russians knew what they were doing when they synthesized this drug for their cosmonauts. That’s why I consider Phenibut to be one of the greatest nootropics of all time.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Phenibut has the potential for addiction. Yes, it should NOT be taken everyday. But used in specific situations I believe Phenibut is a safe and outstanding nootropic to have in your regiment. It’s gotten me through a few rough patches of my life and if you deal with anxiety it’s a very effective calming agent to keep around for times when you need a little extra help.

Where to buy Phenibut

Phenibut can be purchased by the great people over at Peak Nootropics.

Oxiracetam Review – The Speedy Git’r’Done Nootropic

Oxiracetam was one of the last nootropics I experimented with. I had been hearing mixed reviews about this particular racetam and had some reservation about experimenting.

Only after I tried all the other racetams did I give Oxiracetam a shot. Out of all the racetams I would say it’s the most unique. It’s effects are immediate and come in powerful bursts of mental energy. This was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting any kind of effect all.

While other racetams like Piracetam compound over time, Oxiractetam seemed to go into effect immediately.

While other racetams also have significant effects on memory, I didn’t notice any of these same qualities in Oxiracetam.

Why use Oxiracetam?

This nootropic is great for short bursts of mental energy. Stacked with a cup of strong coffee, this is a powerful nootropic for smashing through work and getting stuff down.

Out of all the racetams, this particular variety was the only kind to get me off my ass and clean my room. In fact, I was happy to do so and even had leftover mental reserves to make a few calls I had been putting off.

For me, making calls and sending emails are the last things I want to do with my time. Talking to people on the phone is mentally draining and after a few long phone sessions, I’m nearly drained of life completely.

This racetam allowed me to power through the tedious tasks that I usually dread with ease.

Stacks well with….

Caffeine. Like I mentioned, caffeine and Oxiracetam seem to go hand in hand. Both are stimulatory in nature and provide the mental groundwork required to hammer through your projects and get stuff done.

Choline is another great supplement to stack with this nootropic. In fact, all racetam types benefit from a quality choline source. These racetams ramp up the amount of Acetycholine usage in the brain – the neurotransmitter responsible for nootropic effects. Choline is the primary precursor to making Acetycholine so give your brain what it needs.

Where to buy Oxiracetam

Peak Nootropics has stocked Oxiracetam for a long time and consistently provides the best quality year after year. While other nootropic companies come and go, Peak Nootropics has stood strong in a shaky market.

Pramiracetam Review – The Nootropic That Just Works

Do you experience daily brain fog? Like your brain is not firing on all cylinders? For me, a fuzzy and clouded brain was part of my daily experience until I discovered these racetam type compounds. Racetams have unique properties that clean out the cobwebs of your brain and organize your thoughts into coherent trains of consciousness.

Pramiracetam is another racetam derived compound and one of the most powerful. In fact, I rarely take Pramiracetam unless I need to go into a state of complete manic focus for days at a time. It’s the strongest racetam on the market and delivers potent memory enhancements. For me, it throws me into a state of complete manic euphoria. I can work for hours at a time with a single focus.

Boring tasks become interesting and I can recall bits of information that were encoded years ago in memory. That’s one thing about the racetams – they tend to make you remember random events or pieces of information well in the past. You’ll find yourself walking one day and all of the sudden a memory will pop out of nowhere.

“Wow, I completely forgot about that.”

Great stuff for bringing all those repressed memories to the surface for examination. For this reason, Pramiracetam is great for change work. I was cursed (or blessed depending on how you look at it) with a terrible memory. Without supplementation it’s difficult to recall what I did even 3 days ago. Short of something extraordinary happening to me, the days seem to blend themselves together in an incoherent stream of life.

Maybe you struggle with memory and focus as well? If not, I’m not sure if Pramiracetam is the right nootropic for you. In fact, if you’re already “firing on all cylinders” you might not get a lot out of using Pramiracetam, or any nootropic for that matter.

This stuff is for the individual with cognitive deficits. You’ll turn from a dull dusty Windows 3.1 box into a powerhouse data crunching super computer.

Yes, this stuff is great.

But what about the mania? Yes, Pramiracetam seems to throw me into the grips of a full blown manic episode. Being bipolar I’m very familiar with this state of being, and also very familiar with the subsequent depression that follows these types of experiences. For this reason, I avoid using Pramiracetam for long periods of time, usually only dosing a few times a month when I have to cram or get a lot of work done.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you’re prone to the same type of mental disposition.

Is Pramiracetam worth experimenting with?

I’ve got to say yes. It’s one of those nootropics that appear to have an effect on many different types of individuals across the board. You might have noticed many nootropics are hit or miss.

Pramiracetam is a refreshing change from this inconsistency and a great choice for someone looking for a nootropic that “just works.”

What is Pramiracetam used for?

Pramiracetam is used by the student or career professional who wants to accelerate the process of  learning and retaining information. It induces the perfect environment for absorbing information and encoding it in a way the brain can recall.

Brain fog? Pramiracetam blasts straight through the cobwebs leaving the mind as a clean slate for absorbing new information.

Pramiracetam does not make you smarter. It puts your brain into a receptive state for learning. You still have to feed it the right stuff. Take Pramiracetam and do something to further your knowledge. Learn a language, learn to program, write a book, etc.

These are the tasks Pramiracetam is best suited for. It’s the silicon valley wonder supplement with many startup companies using it to put in long hours at the computer.


Pramiracetam has a stimulating quality to it. Not physically but mentally. It’s almost like a long lasting espresso shot. Really, it feels like the curtains of the mind are opened to allow in the light of clarity.

I like to take Pramiracetam first thing in the morning as the stimulatory properties of this nootropic are well suited to waking you up.

Where to buy Pramiracetam

A lot of nootropics vendors have stopped stocking their Pramiracetam or have otherwise gone out of business. Only Peak Nootropics has been consistently delivering the goods and it’s where I get all of my product.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Hit me up with all of your questions below in the comments section.



L-Theanine and Caffeine Stack Review

If Piracetam and Choline is the Godfather nootropic stack, L-theanine and Caffeine is his right hand man. This is another stack where two solid nootropics come together in one of the most synergistic ways. Chances are you are very familiar with caffeine and its unique effects on mental energy and focus.

In fact, there are few places you can go where caffeine can’t be purchased at very reasonable prices. Talk about an addicts wet dream. Every other block in a major city reveals a Starbucks, coffee shop, 7/11, and other places who sling this popular substance. Even people who “don’t do drugs” wake up and fiend for it.

I love caffeine but make no mistake – daily use of caffeine and coffee can wreak havoc on your adrenals, disrupt healthy sleeping patterns, increase cortisol, and amp your anxiety to dangerous levels. These side effects compound over time and can lead to serious health problems. Okay, so what can we do about this?

Enter L-Theanine…

L-Theanine is a naturally occurring compound commonly found in green tea. At the low doses found in green tea it doesn’t do much. At higher doses however, L-Theanine produces profoundly calming effects on the mind. Studies have proved L-Theanine produces Alpha brain waves in the mind and calms you down.

Most interesting is when you combine L-Theanine with caffeine. In my experience this stack completely crushes all the negative effective effects of caffeine while retaining and amping up the positives. I personally transform into a complete jitter bug if I have a high dose of caffeine, especially if I’m already stressed or haven’t eaten yet.

L-Theanine has been the magic pill allowing many people to reap the benefits of caffeine while crushing all the negatives.


L-theanine is best taken at the 100 – 200 mg range. Anything lower than 100mg is hardly noticed while effects do not appear to compound or increase with higher doses. Caffeine doses can vary but a typical cup of drip coffee generally contains anywhere from 100 – 175 mg. If you want you can purchase caffeine pills to really experiment with the best dose.

Since many people are coffee drinkers L-Theanine is typically stacked with the morning cup of coffee. Nothing wrong with this. There is no exact ratio that works well for everyone, especially this stack.

Are you the type of person who gets anxious and jittery on caffeine? (btw, L-theanine is a great anti-anxiety supplement by itself.)

Do yourself a favor and snatch up some L-Theanine. You can buy the raw powder or you purchase 200mg capsules.

Thanks for reading and happy dosing!

Kratom Guide and FAQ

Kratom has recently caught my attention due to the flurry of press and public outrage over its recent ban proposition by the DEA. Up to the point of the ban I actually never heard of Kratom. From the research I did I can say Kratom has huge potential and many many uses. In this guide I’m going to lay out what Kratom is and how you can benefit from using this unique and magical supplement.

What is Kratom?

The full glory of the Kratom tree
The full glory of the Kratom tree

Botanically called Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a tree native to the regions of Southeast Asia and directly related to the coffee tree. The leaves of the tree have historically been used by the natives both in a medicinal and recreational context. The leaves of the tree are chewed to produce a stimulatory effect or the leaves are crushed into a powder and mixed into a drink. At low doses Kratom acts as a stimulant while higher doses produce a more sedating effect on the mind and body.

What is Kratom used for?

Historically Kratom was used by the natives of Southeast Asia to make the toils of daily farm work more interesting. In present times, Kratom is used medicinally as a powerful pain reliever and recreationally as an alternative to harmful substances like alcohol. There is no shortage of examples of people finding powerful pain relief thanks to the opioid like properties of the leaves. Many users have weened themselves off of harmful pharmaceutical pain relievers with the help of Kratom.

Kratom Effects

Effects can range from a mild stimulation of the mind to a full blown euphoric experience similar to traditional pain killer medications. Many users find Kratom allows them to focus for long periods of time and makes the monotony of work life enjoyable. Self proclaimed introverts note Kratoms pro-social effects on their interactions with people and social encounters. Kratom can inhibit anxiety and put you into a rather open and empathic state. Kratom has allowed many people with depression and anxiety to move through the world in a much more interesting and engaging way.

Most notably, Kratom kills pain and has given many people the same quality of life they experienced before their injuries. Many veterans of war use Kratom for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and as a safe way to manage pain. The following video is perhaps the most powerful testament to the effectiveness of Kratom for pain and trauma.

The recent DEA ban proposition has forced many Kratom users out of the woodworks producing many testimonials for the wide variety of positive benefits. Users are outraged the DEA has the audacity to ban a plant with so many medicinal properties.

Kratom Side Effects

Kratom is a powerful medicine and can cause negative side effects if taken the wrong the way. Too much Kratom can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and constipation. Kratom is very self limiting. It works well at low to moderate doses while becoming too sedating and unpleasant at higher doses.

How to take Kratom

Kratom is generally purchased in a powdered form and mixed into a favorite beverage of choice. The taste is rather unpleasant and it’s a good idea to use a beverage that can make the powder drinkable. Orange juice is a good option while chocolate milk is said to completely mask the taste.

Alternatively, another popular option is the toss and wash method. It’s a 3 step process.

  1. Measure out your dose with a digital scale
  2. Toss the powder into your mouth
  3. Take a gulp of your favorite beverage, swish around with the powder,  swallow

Making Kratom tea – A tea can be brewed as an another way to take the Kratom. This method is favored by some and the process is relatively simple.

  1. Measure out 5 – 10 grams of Kratom powder or leaves per serving
  2. If using leaves, crush and grind them into a coarsely ground powder
  3. Place powder into a medium sauce pan or pot and add 1 cup of water
  4. Gently boil this mixture for 15 minutes
  5. Strain off the brew into your favorite cup using a coffee filter
  6. Squeeze as much liquid out of the powder as you can
  7. Place powder back into pot and repeat steps 3 – 6
  8. Add your favorite sweetener like honey or some lemon and enjoy

Kratom Vein Types

A good shot of a red veined Kratom leaf
A good shot of a red veined Kratom leaf

Kratom grows in an interesting way. Across the different strain types Kratom has different color veins – red, white, and green. The differences in vein color produce varying effects.

Red veins – Red vein strains are considered the most powerful of the vein colors and produce strong sedative and pain killing effects. Red vein types are the strains most favored by those looking to manage their pain and relax. At small doses red vein types can still be stimulating but are generally considered sedative and relaxing by nature.

White veins – white vein strains are the most stimulating of the Kratom types. These strains are great for the morning to give you that sweet boost of cognitive performance and mental energy. White strains are good for on the job performance and making it through the day with energy and clarity. While not as potent, white strain types still have pain killing properties.

Green veins – Green vein types are middle of the road strains. They’re generally well balanced and offer the potency of the red vein types while also being stimulating like the whites. Green vein strains are great for anxiety and socializing. They have a somewhat euphoric and sedating effect while also being fairly stimulating.

Kratom dosage

Kratom dosage varies depending on how strong your Kratom is. Kratom powder typically comes in 3 different potent varieties – Premium, ultra-potent, and extract.

Premium Kratom refers to the standard practice of using the leaves to create a fine powder. Ultra-potent Kratom uses only the broad faced leaves. The largest leaves of the Kratom tree contain the most potent properties of the plant. Kratom extract is the strongest of the 3 and is made using a special boiling process. This process produces a resin-like rock which is extremely powerful and not recommended for daily use.

Use the table below to find the correct dose depending on your Kratom:

Premium Kratom Dosage (powder)

Threshold2 - 4 Grams
Mild3 - 5 Grams
Moderate4 - 10 Grams
Strong8 - 25 Grams
Very strong12 - 25 Grams

Ultra Potent Kratom Dosage (powder)

Threshold1 - 3 Grams
Mild2 - 4 Grams
Moderate3 - 7 Grams
Strong6 - 10 Grams
Very strong8 - 16 Grams

Kratom Extract

Threshold1 Grams
Mild1 - 2 Grams
Moderate2 - 4 Grams
Strong3 - 6 Grams
Very strong5 - 8 Grams

Kratom addiction and tolerance

Kratom is habit forming and potentially addictive under certain circumstances. If you have an addictive personality consider steering clear of Kratom. Withdrawals and rebound anxiety have been reported by many users who used Kratom over a long period of time and then stopped. Daily use of Kratom will also increase your tolerance to the psychoactive benefits of the supplement, requiring a higher dosage to achieve the same level of effect.

To ensure a powerful experience each time you use Kratom, be sure to cycle your dosing schedule. There are many ways to cycle but each method implements a period of time where you don’t take any Kratom. For example, taking Kratom one day and then waiting 3 days to take it again.

Kratom can also be used on an as needed basis. For example, some people only use Kratom on especially difficult, stressful, or painful days. Recreationally, Kratom is used only on the weekends when people generally go out to bars or clubs. In this way, Kratom is used on occasion and tolerance never develops. Use Kratom in moderation.

Using Kratom everyday

If you must use Kratom everyday its a good idea to alternate strains. Have about 3 – 4 of your favorite strains stocked and alternate between all of them. In this way, your body never grows tolerant to a single strain.

Where to buy Kratom

Kratom vendors come and go and many vendors have sub-quality product. I have found it easiest to follow the Kratom Subreddit and monitor the daily vendor postings. The Reddit community is on the ball when it comes to good vendors and won’t let you down. I personally buy all my Kratom from Gaia Botanicals.

And that will do it for my Kratom guide. I hope you learned a bit about this powerful tree. Until next time!