Best Nootropics For Motivation 2019 Edition

Motivation and momentum

Motivation. Some have it. Some don’t. right? Don’t you ever look at highly motivated people and wonder where their energy comes from? It’s like they have a top secret source of motivation you can’t access. Everything they do is with MAXIMUM energy and MAXIMUM drive. Their relentless levels of motivation ensures they succeed at whatever they do. Even with mind numbing work these individuals are constantly motivated and ready for action. The boss always takes notice of them and rewards them with promotions and other goodies.

For a long time I would look at these types of people and immediately feel a slow rage begin to bubble up to my brain. How can this person be this motivated all the time? For a while I could barely motivate myself to do the bare minimum of what was required of me. I ALWAYS got passed up at work by some new guy looking to prove himself.

The truth was, I just didn’t give a shit about my performance, or the work I was doing. And this leads into my first point about motivation….

Some people are not born with that internal drive to succeed.

There’s no BURNING desire to become the best. To do the best possible work. Especially with boring work. Work that is making someone else RICH.

I thought that I was missing some kind of chemical in my brain. The truth is, I was doing boring work at a boring job. Perhaps your situation is the same? Take stock of your current life and ask yourself what part is particularly interesting or engaging to you? In other words, what is your reason to be motivated? If you wake up everyday Monday – Friday to go to a boring day job, Why WOULD you be motivated? Naturally motivated people will succeed no matter where you put them.

Naturally UNMOTIVATED individuals must take responsibility and choose to do work that engages them….

Or they must implement a powerful Nootropics regiment to see them through even the most mind numbing work loads.


When dealing with raw motivation and performance you want to think of Nootropics which have ACUTE effects. Many Nootropics are great for memory and focus but only a few of them can really crank on short term motivation so you can blow through crippling work days with ease. Below is a list of effective Nootropics for those IMMEDIATE benefits.

1.) L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is a powerful energizer and mood booster. L-Tyrosine is a precursor to Dopamine and gives rise to those subtle feelings of drive and Motivation. In terms of Motivation, Dopamine is clearly the neurotransmitter you are looking to modulate. L-Tyrosine is perfect for dragging you out of those occasional Depressive slumps. I always recommend this stuff because it’s super cheap, energizing, and effective. You can grab a bottle for 10 bucks on Amazon. Stacks very well with that morning cup of coffee and many other Nootropics.

2.) Phenylpiracetam

There’s nothing more motivating to the brain than a subtle spike in stimulation. Phenylpiracetam delivers a powerful jolt to the brain and enhances the physical performance of the human body. The compound is actually a banned substance in professional sports as directed by the World Anti Doping Agency. The brain has a much easier time engaging with tasks and switching on for hours at a time. As far as racetams go, this is one of the more stimulating and most effective.

3.) Noopept

noopept review

Noopept can clear the brain fog like no other Nootropic can. It’s very similar to Piracetam but much stronger. Noopept increases the brains ability to form new connections and create the pathways required for learning. It’s anxiolytic (anti anxiety) and delivers a potent boost in overall mental energy. If your lack of motivation is accompanied by heavy brain fog I really recommend you check out Noopept.

4.) Caffeine

I struggled to include this one on the list because most people are already drinking a ton of coffee. If you have grown dependent on coffee then a cup of joe is not going to do much for you. It’s no secret however that caffeine delivers powerful boosts to motivation and alertness. There’s a reason your never far away from a pot of the stuff in the office – it’s the only way to make boring work less boring. Consider taking a tolerance break to allow your body to reset. Revisiting the coffee after a short break will rekindle the magic of Caffeine and deliver potent loads of Motivation.

5.) Phenibut

Phenibut is a potent anti anxiety agent and powerful mood booster. Phenibut is great for those days when you just need a little boost to see you through the day. Maybe you’re going into a high anxiety environment and you want to take the edge off. Phenibut also stacks very well with Phenylpiracetam. There’s not much you can’t accomplish with that combo. Boring tasks suddenly seem like interesting problems to solve. You WANT to do the boring stuff, it’s just so much easier.

6.) Modafinil

afinil express package

Ah yes, the HOLY GRAIL of Nootropics. Modafinil delivers a nice boost in Dopamine, stimulation, and motivation you don’t experience with the other Nootropics. It’s in a league of its own. Be warned though – this compound WILL keep you up all night if taken too late in the day. Make sure you’re getting it from a reliable source.

Dopamine FASTING

We all know the key to lasting motivation is a strong robust Dopamine system. If your Dopamine system is fried good luck getting anything done. The thing is, modern society is setup in such a way to FRY your Dopamine system at every corner. Pornography, Drugs and Alcohol, Caffeine, Social Media…all these elements of modern life are turning us into rats looking for that next fix. We become so HOOKED on these things we begin finding it difficult to crank on motivation for the times it matters most – Starting a business, finishing school, or learning a new skill ALL require Dopamine and motivation.

The best thing you can do for your Dopamine system is LIMIT these types of harmful Dopamine destroyers. Become accustom to LOW STIMULATION environments. Read a book instead of watching Netflix. Delete your social media accounts. Connect with people in the real world. Walk in nature without your smart phone. Unplug.

Doing these types of low stimulation activities will reset the Dopamine system and allow your natural motivation for your own personal goals to rise to the surface, making it easier to get stuff done. When you’re successful you can look down from your high rise office space and observe all the rats below, scurrying to and fro! Be your own source of Dopamine. No longer shall you look for the quick and dirty Dopamine hits!


Honestly, motivation is overrated. Motivation is a short spark of energy to get the train rolling. What you really need is momentum and long term discipline. Focus on the things in your life which spark natural joy. Focus on the things you love to do. Then, the motivation comes naturally.

Thanks for reading.






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