Aniracetam Review – My Favorite Nootropic For Anxiety

Aniracetam was the second nootropic I experimented with after Piracetam. I read reviews about Aniracetam and it seemed a lot of people were having success treating their anxiety. This triggered my radar straight away as I’m always on the lookout for safe supplements that calm my mind and alleviate my anxiety. It used to be I couldn’t even stand in line at the grocery store without feeling anxious about the people around me.

It was hell. I asked myself the dumbest questions. What was I going to say to the cashier as she was ringing up my groceries? Do I look weird standing here? My mind was a cesspool of negative and self defeating thought processes. What a living hell!

I ordered Aniracetam straight away and began experimenting. I took 750mg of raw powder with a bit of juice and waited patiently for any noticeable effects.

With Piracetam the effects compound over time and aren’t noticeable for the first week. With Aniracetam I felt a significant change in my state of mind in the first hour. I noticed I was calmer and there was a certain “spacey quality” about the experience. I felt like sitting down outside in the sun and relaxing – something I usually find difficult.

The colors of the plants seemed especially vibrant. The world looked as if there had been a photoshop filter applied to it. Colors were brighter and edges were extremely crisp. This effect was subtle but it was certainly there. I found myself completely entranced by this bright new world.

I put on some music which took things to the next level. I read other reviews talking about the effects Aniracetam had on music. Music sounded so good and enjoyable. I could easily sit there and enjoy the music and be in this colorful world. Not only was my mind calm but I almost found it difficult to form any kind of thought.

If you’ve ever experimented with benzodiazepines you might be familiar with this effect. While not as strong, Aniracetam has a similar effect. There’s a spacey quality of being and the normal channels of thought seem to get cut off. For me this was a great and welcome relief.

If you’re the type of person who thinks too much this is your nootropic. If you have anxiety this is your nootropic. If you have any kind of homework or studying to do this is NOT your nootropic.

I would not recommend this nootropic if you need to formulate logical thoughts or cram for an exam. There are other nootropics better suited for these tasks. Piracetam certainly comes to mind.

However, if you want to chill out this is one of the best nootropics available. I’d also recommend Aniracetam to the musician or artist. The effects on your visual acuity are quite pronounced. Edges pop and spacial recognition is enhanced.

I’m not one to recognize shapes or patterns but on Aniracetam things “take shape” so to speak. I begin to see the world as a collection of well defined shapes. This is neither positive nor negative but an interesting effect none the less.

Playing my guitar was especially enjoyable. Basic chords were an absolute joy to play, hitting every note and watching the strings vibrate, the notes resonating throughout the room. I would listen intently as the sounds would dissipate into nothingness. Almost meditative hearing how long I could hear the sound before it disappeared forever.

Overall, Aniracetam is very calming and turns the world into an immersive experience. I noticed diminishing effects over time so this is one nootropic you want to cycle to achieve the same results each time.

It’s also a fat soluble nootropic so you want to take it with food, or a bit of fat.

Now, I’m not saying you will have the same experience as me. That’s the beauty of nootropics and of this world – everybody has their own experience.

Pick some up today and discover this unique experience for yourself.





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