Afinil Express Modafinil Vendor Review

In this review I dive deep into the Modafinil vendor Afinil Express. As always, this is a real review. I actually secured product from the vendor and put it to the test. The following is my complete findings.

Modafinil is an obvious staple in many nootropics cabinets for good reasons. The level of stimulation and wakefulness is unmatched. Modafinil simply works where other nootropics are hit or miss. If you don’t want to go through the slog of experimenting with every nootropic out there then Modafinil is a solid compound delivering solid results.

Finding a good vendor to buy Modafinil has always been a crap shoot. Vendors come and go like the wind. They rise up and then fall just as fast. We saw the rise of Duck Dose and then witnessed the fall of Duck Dose. We saw the rise of Modafinil Cat and then the fall of Modafinil Cat. To operate as a vendor requires savvy business skills and the ability to weather all the storms brewing in the industry.

It’s a high risk business but someone has to do it. ENTER AFINIL EXPRESS.

There’s a few things I like about Afinil Express. First, their website is one of the best looking web fronts I’ve seen in a vendor. Go to any other vendor and the first thing you’ll notice is the terrible design and overall look. It’s hard to trust a vendor when their store is basically a bunch of smashed up elements and poorly written web copy. This is a small detail and by no means does a crappy web front mean the product is no good. However, there is the old saying of “how you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Securing product

I hadn’t realized Afinil Express reached out to me on You Tube YEARS ago to promote them but I brushed aside the request.

afinil express you tube message

At the time I wasn’t interested in Modafinil having done some basic research into the compound. In my mind I didn’t see any nootropic value. In fact, I still maintain this to be true but Modafinil has its place. Only in recent times has Modafinil entered my radar as an effective compound to stack with other real nootropics.

I reached out to them to secure product for testing along with getting some giveaway supplies. They were quick to respond and promptly sent me samples of the product. I was immediately given a tracking number and awaited patiently for the samples to arrive:

afinil express shipping and tracking

As you can see, the product took exactly two weeks to get to me. This is standard no matter where you order Modafinil. The compound ships from India and must clear customs before it is released to the USPS. In my case, the package stayed in customs for an entire week before it was able to make the last leg of its journey.

One thing to note is you have to sign for the package. The postal service does not simply drop the package in your box so be aware and vigilant.

The product comes taped up in a square package and the Modafinil strips themselves are wrapped in bubble wrap.


Product quality

I’ve taken enough Modafinil to know how Modafinil is supposed to feel. This stuff is the real deal. One of the tell tell signs is the signature acidic odor of your urine. If this is not present I know the Modafinil is fake. This stuff produced that signature olfactory sensation. The other obvious sign is the clear insomnia. I am careful on the days I take Modafinil because it keeps me up well into the night. Afinil Express Modafinil delivered on this front as well. The product also comes in the signature pharmaceutical pill strips. I’d be very concerned if it came in any type of packaging other than what you see above.

If you want a complete review on Modafinil I recommend reading my post on Modalert 200.


Pricing is pretty much standard no matter where you shop for Modafinil. Buying more pills drives down the cost per pill as seen below.

You can save 20% off the top of your order if you pay with bitcoin. Check out my Bitcoin tutorial for instructions. New customers also receive a coupon code for 10% off their next order. Pretty sweet.

Customer service

The company is very good at taking care of their customers. You receive tracking pretty much straight away and it’s easy to reach out to them via email.

When you receive your product you get the following email:

A nice touch if you ask me! They don’t leave you blind to just use the product however you want. Overall these are good tips and stuff I also recommend in The Modafinil Manual.

Final Thoughts

Overall Afinil Express has impressed me with their customer service and product quality. They receive the Gonootropics seal of approval as a trusted vendor. Check them out here. 


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