My Experience With 1P-LSD and Depression

My Experience With 1P-LSD and Depression

In this post I’m going to discuss 1P-LSD and my experiences using the compound to manage Depression. To give context, I do not believe I have major Depression nor do I feel depressed all the time. As a teenager I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2. Looking back on my long history of trouble with the law I came to realize I wasn’t “quite like the others” and I have come to accept the diagnosis. Because of the nature of my condition I will of course “cycle” into deep lows, but I’ve never been bed ridden as a result. I would classify my Depression as “light” to “moderate” with occasional days where I do feel a sense of impending doom and darkness. Generally, these¬† extreme lows or “rogue waves” as I call them, are always a result of overdoing certain substances. Alcohol was a major culprit in many of my suicidal moments, and I will also get very low after abusing Phenibut. Many of the sleep medications I occasionally take for insomnia also have the ability to throw me into a chemical depression. (Temazepam, Ambien.) For the purposes of this post, let’s assume I’m talking about the light to moderate Depression which permeates my life like the subtle yet consistent humming of a refrigerator. This is the Depression I have even when abstaining from drugs and alcohol, which is tolerable but tiresome indeed.

As fate would have it I took 15mcg of 1P-LSD today. I wasn’t feeling particularly more Depressed than usual but as I awoke I found myself already irritated. The noises from my roommates I found particularly abrasive and chaotic. Part of my Depression I believe stems from sensory overload and unable to escape certain chaotic environments. The madness of certain environments overstimulates me to the point of complete and total irritation. I basically withdraw and collapse in on myself. My roommates would indeed call me antisocial as 9 times out of 10 I am not interested in engaging with social activities or meeting new people. To my credit I’m actually very sociable and charismatic once I gain a bit of momentum, but I find the effort to build such momentum to be exhausting.

This initial morning irritation forced me out of bed and over to my dropper of 1P LSD where I promptly dosed 15mcg and then crawled back into bed. Sometimes I will wake up, assess the current environment (check my phone for messages from my boss, read emails, etc), and then make the executive decision to go back to bed. Unfortunately my energy levels were not permitting such luxuries and I just waited for the 1P to kick in.

I find subtle threshold effects take about 45 minutes to manifest, with full and complete effects taking anywhere from 1  Р3 hours. Peak experience lasts for about 3 hours with a slow burn remaining for the rest of the day.

At hour 1 I could already feel my mood beginning to brighten. The sounds of the environment became tolerable, and I even sat down with my roommates to watch some Netflix (I despise Netfilix and any kind of TV at the beginning of the day.) I found myself becoming talkative and chatty, and thoroughly enjoying spending time with friends and engaging in ultimately meaningless activities. Unfortunately my brain has somehow been programmed to judge each thing I do in terms of its ROI. Over the years it has become increasingly harder for me to just chill and go with the flow. Part of this is knowing how much time I wasted in my 20s, being broke in my 30s, and constant pressure to meet certain financial goals. This perspective has shifted me into a more hardened and negative person, something I am actively fighting against. Fortunately I have many experiences in the past where I felt inspired and was easily able to just vibe and flow. I use these experiences as reference points to track my progress from “negative” to “positive.”

After about an hour of mindless activity and “vibing” I got a text from my boss which was basically “we’re gonna work today.” Usually such messages irritate me as I don’t see a future in this particular job, but I was actually just okay with it. I wrapped up a few emails for the restaurant (shout out to Alice) and then I took off on my bike.

On 1P my senses become ultra heightened. I can feel every subtle vibration on the bike. I take great pleasure in descending down hills and feeling the fresh wind in my face. It’s small moments like this which usually get drowned out in the noise, that become very obvious. There is a subtle appreciation and gratitude for everything.

Work went much smoother than usual although at the end of the day I found the 1P was wearing off, and I was becoming irritable (and hungry.) After work I decided instead of going home I would go for a bike ride. This was nice way to wind down and enjoy the tail end of the micro dose. 1P notably enhances my physical performance (and also increases libido to a somewhat uncomfortable level.)

Ultimately I feel 1P LSD is not the end all be all solution to Depression but I consider it medicinal, just like clean eating and maintaining good fitness. It is one of the best compounds I’ve discovered that reliably puts me in a better mood.

Between 1P LSD, Piracetam/Phenylpiracetam, and good ol fashioned fresh air I believe I stand a serious chance at squeezing out some satisfaction in this lifetime.

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6 months ago

Very very interesting! I am trying to find 1p-lsd myself but all seem fake now. Been searching for 2 months for a legit site

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