Alpha Brain Ingredients Complete Breakdown


Nowadays there are grips of premade nootropics stacks to choose from. I’ve reviewed many of them including the popular TruBrain. New people to nootropics probably don’t remember when Alpha Brain was introduced to the market – it was revolutionary for its time. In fact, Alpha Brain served as my first introduction into the world of nootropics and I soon dove headfirst into much more powerful nootropics like Piracetam.

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Alpha Brain vs Qualia | Nootropic SHOWDOWN


Alpha Brain and Qualia – 2 of the most popular gunslingers in the nootropics market. Alpha Brain has been around for quite some time while Qualia came in hot to the market only recently. I’ve written about Alpha Brain before and have used it extensively with great results. At one point I was in contact with the guys over at Qualia and they were supposedly sending me samples of the stuff. That sample never came. With that said, I can still offer some guidance about both of these nootropics so you can make an informed buying decision.

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14 Nootropics On Amazon

nootropics on amazon

My post on nootropics you can buy locally was a smashing success and is seeing loads of traffic. When people want something they usually want it right away. Especially with supplements I’ve noticed people will pay a premium price at a store in order to get it immediately.

In that post I also touched on the fact that many people still don’t trust a majority of the popular online nootropics vendors. They would much rather buy from a reputable source either locally or online from sites like Amazon.

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Is Waklert WACK? | Waklert Review

The various versions of Modafinil

Waklert is a popular version of Modafinil technically considered Armodafinil. Armodafinil is a slightly altered version of the original Modafinil Formula. This latest version is supposedly much stronger and longer lasting. Armodafinil comes in 150mg tablets taking into account the much stronger and longer lasting effects.

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Best Nootropics For Poker

The other night me and 6 other guys sat down for a solid night of Texas Hold’em. I knew 2 of the guys and was introduced to the other 4. We started around 7 and played well into the night. Slowly players began to drop out and at the end it came down to a heads up match between me and my buddy Carlos. We both opted to cash out and I went home with an extra $58 bucks in my pocket. Not too shabby.

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