Onnit Hemp Force Protein Powder Review


I’m not the most jacked guy but I enjoy lifting weights and putting on muscle. Part of putting on muscle and having energy post workouts is eating the right foods to fuel your body. Your muscles need protein to rebuild and your mind and body need to be replenished from the nutrients you expelled during your workout.

The thing is, it’s HARD to get all these nutrients from food. I learned about Onnits Hemp Force Protein powder after cruising around their site one afternoon. I’m a huge fan of the Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech products and wanted to see what else they had to offer.

Here is my full break down and review of Onnits Hemp Force Protein.

What’s inside?

It’s crucial to examine the ingredients of anything you put in your body. Lucky for us, Onnit are big proponents of making products from whole natural foods.

Hemp Protein – The driving force behind this powerful powder is hemp protein. This is a plant based compound derived from the cannabis plant. Note that hemp protein contains zero psychoactive properties (you aren’t going to get high.) It features a complete amino acid profile and contains a dense amount of protein and essential fatty acids. Hemp is a nutritionally dense food and a great alternative for vegans, vegetarians, or anybody who is lactose intolerant.

Maca extract – Maca is an interesting vegetable that’s seen heavy use in ancient cultures. It grows on top of the tallest mountains in Peru and is heralded as a potent healing herb and powerful aphrodisiac. Maca gives you the energy to grind through your workouts and provides extra stamina in the sack (giggity.)

Cocoa – Not much to say about this one. It makes the powder taste better and provides a boost in mood. One thing to note about Onnit Hemp Force is it tastes better than any other protein powder I’ve tried, and that’s including Optimum Nutrition’s own chocolate blend.

Personal Review

It’s the best tasting protein powder I’ve tried. It’s a rich chocolate taste that actually tastes like real chocolate. Not too sweet and not to bitter. The 100% cocoa powder I believe truly makes this the best tasting shake around.

The Maca gives me a huge boost in libido. You may want to avoid this powder if your sex drive is already through the roof. However, if you’re lacking in that area you cannot afford not to try Onnit Hemp Force.

I do enjoy that this is a completely whole foods and vegan product. Even though I am not vegan myself I like to mix things up. For me, cutting back on animal protein has shot my health and vitality through the roof. I think a little meat is good but not in the amounts the standard person is used to eating.

Whey, casein and other forms of dairy can also create inflammation and upset your digestive system. Plant based proteins are generally well tolerated across a diverse set of individuals.

Overall I enjoy Hemp Force and recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality protein powder.

Where to buy Hemp Force

You can purchase Hemp Force from the Onnit store




Alpha Brain Instant Review


Alpha Brain Instant is a spin off of the classic Alpha Brain. It has all the ingredients and benefits of the original Alpha Brain in a powdered form. Mixing Alpha Brain into your morning coffee or drink allows the nootropic ingredients of this proven formula to absorb directly into your system.

Alpha Brain vs Alpha Brain Instant

While the original Alpha Brain product is highly effective, taking supplements in pill form takes much longer for your body to process. Alpha Brain instant bypasses this process and mainlines the dose straight into your system so you can be locked, cocked, and ready to rock for anything.

Why wait an hour for the effects to kick in when you can flip a switch and be completely turned on?

It should also be noted that Alpha Brain Instant contains MORE of Onnits signature “Flow Blend” formula. This formula contains 3 of the mixtures most potent ingredients – L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, and Oat Straw. As I mentioned in my review of Alpha Brain, I attribute most of the cognitive benefits in the nootropic to these compounds.

I also mentioned how I was concerned there wasn’t a large enough dose of these ingredients in Alpha Brain to truly deliver what I call the “therapeutic dose.” Alpha Brain Instant delivers by ramping up the dosages and kicking the original formula into overdrive.

Alpha Brain Instant Ingredients


Please refer to my Alpha Brain Review for a detailed description of each ingredient in Alpha Brain. I discuss what ingredients are the true powerhouses and which ingredients I believe are completely filler. In summary, there’s a lot of good stuff in this nootropic but a few of the ingredients are simply filler.

Does Alpha Brain Instant Work?

Yes. In fact, it does exactly what it claims – delivers all the cognitive benefits of the original Alpha Brain INSTANTLY. By Instantly I mean 15 – 20 minutes as opposed to an hour with the original Alpha Brain. If you mix this stuff into your morning coffee get ready to have your ass kicked into high gear. For those of you familiar with the original formula prepare for a much stronger experience.

My Thoughts on Alpha Brain Instant

Alpha Brain Instant is a drinkable version of Alpha Brain and also slightly stronger. I enjoy taking my nootropics in liquid form. The quicker onset of the nootropic is indeed appreciated. I’m not one to simply roll out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. With Alpha Brain Instant I crack out the door ready to attack the day.

The taste of the powder is interesting and you can either buy peach flavored or spice flavored. The spice is my least favorite. The peach tastes like an actual peach drink. Sure, it’s not the best to mix into your coffee but I’m not a snob when it comes to food and beverages. Nootropics are not a culinary experience for me.

I’ve also mixed them into ice cold water which is probably the easiest and tasteful way to take the packets.

You could easily squeeze a 60 day supply out of this stuff if you only use half a packet a day. Some people are extremely sensitive to Alpha Brain and react strongly. Like I mentioned, the packets contain MORE of the active ingredients in the original Alpha Brain so you could easily get away with taking less.

The Price Tag and Building Tolerance

These packets are expensive at $59.95 a box but well worth it. For this reason I don’t take the Alpha Brain Instant everyday. I might use them a couple times a week. You can easily build up a tolerance to the ingredients in Alpha Brain. I’ve personally experimented with many of the ingredients by themselves and can say that nootropics like L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine certainly build up tolerance over time and eventually lose their power.

Reports from other users also suggest that Alpha Brain simply stops working after 30 days. For this reason I think it’s best to cycle all Alpha Brain products so you can consistently experience the benefits.

Where To Purchase

You can purchase Alpha Brain Instant from the Onnit website.

Onnit New Mood Review


Looking for a boost in mood? If you’re feeling low there’s lots of actions you can take to elevate your sense of well being. Nootropics and supplements offer a range of options for your pleasure and consumption. A nice pre made stack I recommend is Onnits New Mood. New Mood contains a number of powerful ingredients designed to work with your body to pump out loads of those feel good neurotransmitters.

How does New Mood work?

New mood works by increasing your natural levels of Serotonin. Serotonin is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for feeling at peace, happy, and calm. When your brain doesn’t have enough of this neurotransmitter you can easily dive deep into worry, anxiousness, and paranoia. You might notice your ability to fall asleep is inhibited and your mood is all over the place.

Serotonin is a crucial neurotransmitter for feeling good and at peace with your life situation. Healthy levels of this chemical will keep you calmer than a Buddhist monk with years of training even in the most nerve racking situations.

New Mood Ingredients


New mood contains a number of powerful herbs, vitamins, and minerals to bolster healthy levels of serotonin in your brain.

Valerian root extract – Valerian has made itself known as the most powerful herb to calm the mind and body. It’s been used since way back in the days of old as a relaxing tincture. Ancient civilizations would brew the flowers and leaves into a tea as an easy way to consume the benefits. If you find yourself racked with anxiety Valerian is going to tether your spirit back into a grounded center of peace.

Chamomile flower extract – another herb well known to relax your nerves after a stressful day. For me, Chamomile tea at night sets the mood for a restorative sleep. Your energy levels and mood are greatly effected by the quality of your sleep the night before.

Lemon balm leaf extract – Lemon is an elevating and cleansing helper in all its forms. Even the smell of lemon can provide a mental boost and ingesting lemon will cleanse and nourish the mind and body. Good to see this one on here.

Jujube seed extract – Jujube has its origins in China and has seen widespread use in traditional Chinese medicine as a powerful herb to treat restlessness. Following suit with the other ingredients, Jujube is another herb that’s going to calm you down, relieve stress, and elevate your sense of well being.

Tryptophan – Perhaps the powerhouse ingredient in the entire New Mood stack. Tryptophan is a direct precursor to 5-HTP, the chemical required to produce Serotonin in your brain.

5-HTP – The direct precursor to Serotonin. No 5-HTP means no Serotonin and no happy feelings. Just a dull existence.

Magnesium – One of my favorite minerals to calm anxiety and chill me out. Magnesium is known as the original chill pill. Magnesium has been shown to alleviate major depression, relieve anxiety, and counter a host of other physical and mental ailments. Stress causes you to use up magnesium at a rapid rate which depletes the bodies natural stores and leads to all the problems mentioned above. Reintroducing magnesium into your diet reverses the problems and restores the mind and body back to a healthy state.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – Niacin is a vasodilator, increasing the diameter of your small veins and capillaries. This allows for more nutrients to enter your system at a rapid rate. Niacin raises good cholesterol and helps manage the bad forms.

Vitamin B6 – Another crucial B vitamin responsible for hundreds of critical processes in the brain and body. Most significantly, B6 facilitates the production of Serotonin.

Does New Mood Work?

Having experimented with all these ingredients, I can tell you that New Mood is definitely effective. It’s not something I would take during the day. For me, Serotonin makes me extremely calm and sleepy. This is a night time stack in my opinion although your experience might vary.

If you have crippling anxiety I can see this being used during the day to calm your nerves and allow you to function.

Serotonin is one of those neurotransmitters that effects everybody in a different way. For some, extra Serotonin puts them right to sleep (me.) For others, it’s perfect for increasing feelings of well being and going about the day with zero worries.

I can’t say for certain how New Mood will effect you. I can say that it WILL have some kind of effect. There are cases where people do not respond well to 5-HTP and Tryptophan. This is also NOT a supplement you would take if you’re already taking anti-depressants. The combination could lead to Serotonin Syndrome.

Overall, the ingredients are very solid and New Mood is worth experimenting with if you are finding yourself overly anxious or depressed.

Where to buy New Mood

You can purchase New Mood from the ONNIT website.

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

After experiencing decent results with Alpha Brain I figured I’d give another Onnit product a shot. To be honest, I was half expecting these pre stacked pills to be complete garbage. However, while Onnit appears on the surface to be hypey and gimmicky, their products are backed by science and contain a lot of powerful and synergistic ingredients. In this review I take you through a deep dive of Onnits Shroom Tech Sport.

Why Shroom Tech Sport?


Shroom Tech Sport is marketed as an endurance enhancer. One only has to take a sneak peek at the sales page to see the wide number of athletes who attest to the powerful effects of Shroom Tech Sport.

As a nootropic enthusiast, I was more concerned with the nootropic properties of this supplement rather than the physical aspects. I wanted to know, does Shroom Tech have anything to offer in the way of cognitive enhancement?

I looked at the ingredients and concluded that there could be a lot of mental benefits from taking Shroom Tech Sport, as well as a host of physical benefits. A 2 for 1 bang as they say.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside one of these pills.

Shroom Tech Sport Ingredients


Cordyceps Sinensis – This is gonna sound disgusting but bear with me. Cordyceps are a fungus that grow on top of insect larvae (don’t expect to find this little bit of info on the ONNIT website.) It’s one of the most ancient and time tested remedies in Chinese medicine. Cordyceps are reported to increase oxygen uptake, heal the kidneys, soothe the lungs, and increase physical performance. This is the powerhouse ingredient of the entire Shroom Tech Sport stack. More oxygen means more energy for both the brain and physical systems of the body. Read this article for a comprehensive overview of this unique herb.

Ashwagandha – A powerhouse herb in the ayurvedic medicinal system. Also known as Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha is a potent adaptogen with powerful effects on the mind and body. It’s a strong anxiolytic so it will nuke your anxiety and balance out anything that’s out of whack. It’s been studied heavily and proven to reduce cortisol in athletes and reduce stress overall. It’s anti anxiety effects have been shown to be as strong as the powerful pharmaceutical Lorazepam and exhibits anti depressant effects as well. Truly potent stuff for both mind and body.

Green tea extract – Some of the longest living populations make a habit of drinking green tea everyday. Green tea contains powerful antioxidative components 20X stronger than vitamin C. Green tea also boasts a small amount of caffeine to give you that extra boost.

Rhodiola – An ancient herb native to the ice cold regions of Siberia. Natives have been brewing this stuff into tea for centuries. Rhodiola is another powerful adaptogen shown to increase the resistance to foreign stressors.

Methylcobalamin b12 – The B vitamin family of vitamins are well known as the energy enablers. B12 is perhaps the most important vitamin to give your mind and body the right nutrients to convert the food you eat into raw horse power. B12 defeciency can lead to a host of neurological and physical problems, and the thing is, the modern diet isn’t exactly providing you with this crucial nutrient.

My personal Review of Shroom Tech Sport

I remember about a week before ordering Shroom Tech Sport I stopped my current nootropic regiment. This is always a good idea when you’re about to test a new stack. You do not want anything conflicting and many times certain nootropics aren’t synergistic with each other.

I received the package in the afternoon and decided to pop one of the pills and go for a walk. I enjoy the process of “coming up” so to speak. While nootrpics aren’t as powerful as drugs, they can still be exciting if you aren’t overstimulated.

About an hour in I began to feel a subtle energy in my body. It wasn’t like anything I’ve experienced before. My breathing began to get deeper and my physical body was surging with strength. I wanted to go lift weights but here I was on a walk with nothing heavy to lift.

I also had a deep sense of calmness. Doing the research I knew this was largely due to the anti anxiety effects of the Ashwagandha.

I got to say, it was more difficult getting to sleep that night. Shroom Tech Sport seems to be slightly stimulating yet calming at the same time. It is indeed a strange sense of energy. Nothing like caffeine. I chalked this stimulating effect up to the cordyceps and the green tea extract.

Does Shroom Tech Sport work?

Yes, Shroom Tech Sport does what it says it’s going to do. You’re going to have a heightened sense of physical strength and become mentally stimulated yet calm. This is a powerful combination. If you added L-Tyrosine to this stack I can see Shroom Tech Sport being used as a potent study agent. By itself however it gives you too much physical energy and it’s difficult to sit down.

You will actually WANT to get out and do something physical. If you are battling fatigue or are constantly tired, I recommend you try Shroom Tech Sport and give it a go.

Final Thoughts on Shroom Tech Sport

This stuff is indeed expensive and will unfortunately deter those who don’t have a lot of cash to spend. For those with the cheddar I can’t recommend Shroom Tech enough.

I would not take this everyday. A lot of these ingredients must be cycled in order to retain maximum potency. I would take this maybe a couple times a week during your workouts, or if you need a boost to blow through a day of physical labor.

Noting the anti anxiety properties of Shroom Tech, I will be ordering some Ashwagandha very soon to experiment with. It seems like many of the ingredients in this stack are powerful in their own right and deserve their own private session.

Where to purchase

You can purchase Shroom Tech Sport from Onnits website.





My Personal Review of ONNITS Alpha Brain Stack

I remember when I first started taking nootropics. I remember getting frustrated that nothing I ever bought actually worked. Piles of powder and supplements lay strewn across my cabinet and I struggled to find a stack which worked well for me.

It was at this time I purchased my first bottle of Alpha Brain. I wanted something that took all the work out of finding the right stack.

I had heard of Alpha Brain before but I steered clear largely because of the marketing hype and the price tag. However, after researching the ingrediants I decided what the hell, let’s give Alpha Brain a shot and see what happens.

My Review of Alpha Brain


I got to give it to Joe Rogan and company – the marketing behind Alpha Brain is absolutely gorgeous. The bottle has a sleek design and you get the feeling you’re about to tumble down a rabbit hole when you pop the pills.

Joe Rogan appears to be a smart guy and stands behind his products. But can Alpha Brain truly deliver the potency Joe speaks about?

First, lets discuss the unique ingredients in Alpha Brain before I dive straight into my personal review of the product.

Alpha Brain Ingredients


Vitamin B6 – Okay, nothing crazy so far. Vitamin B6 is a crucial nutrient for cognitive perfomance and required for over 100 metabolic processes within the brain. B vitamins are the signature brain boosters so seeing one of them on this list is comforting.

L-Tyrosine – Again, very good stuff. I’ve discussed L-Tyrosine in many of my videos and include the supplement in most of my personal stacks. By itself, L-Tyrosine gives me laser sharp focus. It’s a strong precursor to dopamine which is well known for giving you those feelings of calm cerebral focus and energy.

L-Theanine – Another one of my favorites. Lots of studies to back this one up too. L-Theanine is present in green tea and has been shown to produce alpha brain waves in the mind (is this where they got the name??) L-Theanine is extremely calming at the right dose.

Oat Straw Extract – Oat straw has a lot of benefits for the body but the one we are most interested in is its effects on cognitive functioning. A study conducted by the Journal of Alternative Medicine revealed oat straw changes the EEG spectral frequencies of the brain, leading to increased cognitive performance. It’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Phosphatidylserine – Try to say this one 10 times fast. ONNIT has appeared to have done their research. This is another great amino acid which contributes heavily to cognitive functioning. Low amounts of this critical nutrient can lead to brain fog and cognitive decline. Studies have proven that Phosphatidylserine has considerable effects on the cognition of the elderly and dramatically improves ADHD symptoms.

Cats Claw Extract – Cats Claw is an herb native to the peruvian rainforests and reported to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects on the body. How much of this contributes to cognitive functioning? Who knows, I couldn’t find any studies to prove this stuff boosts cognition. It’s definitely not harmful however.

Alpha-GPC – The good stuff. Alpha GPC is a highly bio available version of Choline and a precursor to Acetycholine – perhaps the greatest neurotransmitter responsible for memory and mental performance. Alpha-GPC is a great nootropic in of itself and stacks well with most nootropics out there.

Bacopa – Bacopa is a well researched herb and has seen long term use in ayurvedic medicine as a potent memory and cognitive booster. Bacopa is an adaptogen meaning it balances out systems within the mind and body. I always recommend including atleast one adaptogen in any nootropic stack so it’s good to see this here. Bacopa has been proven to increase memory recall and performance when used over the long term.

Huperzia Serrata – A species of club moss with an active compound known as Huperzina A. This compound is reported to have potent cognitive effects on the brain. It’s benefits are largely due to the compounds effects on Acetycholine. As mentioned, low levels of Acetycholine are a root cause of brain fog and memory deficit.

L-Leucine – I had previously never heard of this one before. It’s the main component in branch chain amino acids which are required for the rebuilding of muscle and protein synthesis. Why is it included in Alpha Brain? No idea!

Vinpocetine – This was a nootropic I experimented with on its own even before Alpha Brain (thanks Vitamin Shoppe.) It’s touted as a neuroprotective agent and may increase blood flow in the brain. I didn’t notice any significant effects from supplementing with Vinpocetine. I imagine it’s a great supplement for decreasing damage to nerves and cells but may not do anything to enhance your existing functioning.

Pterostilbene – Examine.com says it best

Low doses of pterostilbene (for a human, 10mg or less usually) seem to hold some benefit for cognition, and are thought to be one of the bioactive components of blueberries (alongside the anthocyanin content). Higher doses may not have said neurological effects, but higher supplemental dosages of pterostilbene (in the 250-500mg range usually) seem to have benefit for reducing cholesterol and glucose in research animals. The reduction in blood glucose and improvement in insulin sensitivity is quite potent, with a few studies noting that it is comparable to metformin as the reference drug.

Again, I can see some benefit of this but not a whole lot.

My personal experience using Alpha Brain


I used Alpha brain for a total of 15 continuous days. There are 30 pills in the bottle but 2 are a single serving. Kind of shady if you ask me but whatever.

What I liked about the Alpha Brain were the immediate effects. I could definitely tell there was L-Tyrosine in this stuff but the experience was much different. I had a sharp sense of focus and my clarity was on point.

Sitting down and doing a task was a whole lot easier. Without nootropics I’m fidgety and exhibit all the classic signs of someone with ADHD – wandering eyes, inability to concentrate, and fidgety.

These are of course the hallmark signs of someone who is bored. If you have to do something boring I think Alpha Brain is a great nootropic stack for sitting down and doing something you really don’t want to be doing. For me that’s paperwork and filling out forms.

Over the course of the 15 days I noticed my memory recall steadily improved. I was able to recall bits of information from days back with great ease (thanks Bacopa.) My standard memory is at a great deficit – I often times have a hard time remembering what happened even the previous day.

I can say subjectively that Alpha Brain boosted my overall mental performance.

Does Alpha Brain work?

I think if you’re at a cognitive deficit Alpha Brain will do wonders for your mental functioning. However, if you’re already a “high mental achiever” Alpha Brain will do very little for you. If you are excercising, eating right, and taking care of yourself you might not notice the effects of Alpha Brain. However, if these areas of your life are lacking I have no doubt you will feel a significant boost in brain function and performance.

It’s a great all in one stack for those that just want something that works.

My concerns with Alpha Brain

The problem with Alpha Brain and all other pre made pill stacks for that matter is not getting a high enough dose of each nootropic. I also don’t like how the bottle does not reveal how much of each nootropic is in the pill. For certain nootropics to be effective they need to be delivered in a large enough dose. L-Theanine for example is best dosed at the 100 – 200mg range. I doubt the dose even comes close to that in Alpha Brain.

In order for them to cram all these ingredients in an easy to swallow pill they have to reduce the amount of each nootropic.

However, I still think Alpha Brain is a great stack for someone who wants a “pop and go” solution to their mental performance.

Final thoughts about Alpha Brain

Looking at the ingredients there’s a lot of solid stuff in Alpha Brain. There’s also a handful of things that lack studies or don’t have any real effect on brain cognition.

With that said, I think Alpha Brain is not the perfect solution but a decent one for individuals looking to experiment with cognitive enhancers. Certainly better than anything you will find at the front of your local gas station!

Pick some up today and experiment for yourself and be sure to check out my post breaking town the entire contents of Alpha Brains ingredients.