Alpha Brain vs Neuro Ignite Nootropics Comparison

neuro ignite vs alpha brain comparison

In search of the best brain juice possible you come across tons of premade stacks claiming to amp up your brain and deliver raw cognitive power. The supplement industry exploded when nootropics came onto the market with Alpha Brain leading the way as one of the original formulas. Since then, many have came and gone but only a handful work. Alpha Brain and Neuro Ignite are 2 premade stacks with solid ingredients. Both boast many of the same ingredients but what is the core difference?

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Modafinil Review After 30 Days of Usage

modafinil review

Modafinil is something I’ve recently begun to experiment with after acquiring some high quality samples from Duck Dose. Modafinil has always been at the forefront of the nootropics scene and thousands of testimonials have poured in from people who have achieved massive productivity success. Infamous biohackers like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferriss have been open and vocal about Modafinils role in their work life. Modafinil is one of those nootropics you use to get a lot of shit done with little sleep.

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Nootropics Depot Vendor Review

Everyday there are new nootropics vendors that pop up with their hands out asking you for your hard earned money. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify what nootropics companies are offering good product. Powder City was once a flourishing oasis for a ton of high quality nootropics but they are now out of business.

I would make the argument that the next best vendor for the same wide variety of high quality nootropics is Nootropics Depot. They’ve been around for years, perhaps even as long as Powder City, and provide basically any kind of nootropic you can think of.

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Quality assurance and testing

Nootropics Depot has their own in house laboratory and chemist where all of their nootropics are tested for the highest purity and standards. Most of their nootropics powders and blends are >99% pure and held to the highest standards of quality assurance. This means when you tear into the package and pop your first pill you know you are getting nothing but the best. When it comes to brain supplements and nootropics, always aim for high quality and never settle for less. The last thing you want is to buy nootropics from a shady vendor who doesn’t pay attention to his products and doesn’t care if he ships out the wrong powder. Since all powders look the same, you must trust that the vendor is shipping out the correct stuff.

Good variety

I’ve got to give mad props to nootropics depot for stocking a massive amount of variety. Most vendors choose to stock only a handful of blends and powders but Nootropics Depot has the manpower and resources to stock anything you can imagine. I recently bought a bottle of Phenibut HCL capsules from them. It’s very difficult to find Phenibut in capsule form from a place you can trust. Believe me, this stuff is high quality and completely crushed my anxiety all damn day. Nootropics Depot not only stocks all the classic nootropics but many adaptogens, herbs, and vitamins as well. One could easily get lost in their online store unless you know exactly what you want. It’s like walking into a Costco without a grocery list – very easy to find yourself wandering aimlessesly around for hours checking everything out and trying the samples. Nootropics Depot also offers sampler packs which contain a variety of nootropics. This is a conveniant way to test multiple nootropics without buying each individual nootropic separately.

Fast and free shipping

Domestic orders in the U.S. ship via USPS. This means you’re getting your nootropics in 2 – 3 business days if you live in the United States. Domestic orders over $50 dollars qualify for free shipping and international orders over $200 qualify as well. Ordering $50 bucks worth of nootropics means you’re not only getting a decent amount of high quality brain boosters but saving roughly 7 bucks on the shipping total at checkout. Order early in the day to get your order shipped out immediately.


It becomes quite apparent that Nootropics Depot cares deeply about customer experience when you get in contact with them. They are responsive and quick about making sure you are completely satisfied with your order. Returns are accepted as long as you have not opened the product or damaged the packaging in any way.

User reviews

It only takes a little research to discover that Nootropics Depot has attracted thousands of customers who have been very satisfied with their experience. I am one of those people having bought from them several times. While it is up to you to do your research on nootropics, you can be sure once you’ve decided on something that Nootropcis Depot will deliver the right nootropic at a very high quality.


Nootropics Depot gets the Gonootropics golden seal of approval as a highly recommended vendor for nootropics. Go check them out and cruise around their store.


TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 3 (Final Verdict)

TruBrain Drinks

Part 1

Part 2

This post marks the last review and final verdict regarding my experimentation with TruBrain. It’s been an exciting 7 days using this stack and there have been ups and downs.

Let’s start with some positives. First, I like the fact that you can feel TruBrain working straight away. Using both the drink packets and the capsules, both forms of the formula had a decent kick from day 1. The drinks are particularly tasty, much more palatable than the usual suspects (5 hour energy.)

I love the ingredients in TruBrain. Most of the listed ingredients are nootropics I frequently talk about on a regular basis and generally stack well together. Both the drinks and the packets deliver a nice boost in mood and it’s easy to sustain focus for hours at a time. I found myself happily engaging on a social level. This is Something I typically avoid as most social situations repulse me and I must exert willpower to socialize. You tend to realize the nootropics must be working when it’s the other person trying to eject from the conversation haha. Like I said, there is a strong mood boosting and somewhat pro-social element to the stack. Your mileage may vary.

Overtime however I found myself becoming quite irritable. The racetams in particular have a tendency to do this. I can handle continued Piracetam use but the Oxiracetam for me was a bit much and made me manic. I do take Oxiracetam but in very small doses, or if I’m fatigued. It’s extremely¬†stimulating for my brain. Too much so in large amounts.

And while I love L-Tyrosine, this is not something you want to take everyday even though this is something TruBrain recommends. L-Tyrosine competes directly with Serotonin for absorption into the brain and the extra amino acid on either side wins. In simpler terms, taking L-Tyrosine daily can deplete Serotonin levels overtime and cause anxiety and insomnia among other things. I found this out first hand a while ago.

There are also 2 ingredients in TruBrain which you build tolerance to. The first major one being caffeine and the second L-Theanine. These compounds lose their potency over time and are best cycled. This is another reason why TruBrain should not be used as a daily driver.

Overall the stack is decent, it tastes good, and delivers results. I just don’t think it’s something to take everyday.

The final verdict? If you have the money and don’t want to spend countless hours researching and testing powders then TruBrain is a solid option. It’s got real nootropics inside, nootropics I endorse. However, keep your expectations in check because these pre made stacks can disappoint (or completely blow you away depending on your brain chemistry.)

I would like to give TruBrain a shout out and big thanks for sending me some of their product for an honest review. Their customer service is stellar. From the time I reached out to the time I got the product was a matter of days. I’m still waiting on product from a number of companies who have said they’d ship me samples. I have yet to see anybody else come through on their agreement. Mad props!!

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TruBrain Review | 7 Days of TruBrain Part 2


In the first post of this review I talked about my initial reactions experimenting with the TruBrain original drink packets. In this post we flash forward in time to shed light on days 2 – 5 of using both the drink packets alongside the TruBrain nootropic pills.

As mentioned, TruBrain separates their nootropic products into 2 packets. They have the original formula consisting of a general racetam stack and then a separate boost formula based on Noopept, Oxiracetam and Uridine Monophosphate. According to TruBrain you are to start with a loading phase. In the box you have 2 packets, one packet you take in the morning on an empty stomach and then a second afternoon packet. The “boost” packets and drink mixtures are to be used in conjunction with the original formula when you feel you need that extra energy.

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