Welcome To The New Gonootropics Video Channel

What’s cracking? As you may (or may not) know my YouTube channel was deleted recently and I’ve been scouring the internet for a suitable alternative. I’m excited to announce the videos and giveaways have been given new life thanks to D Tube. You can check out the new channel here. Be sure to subscribe and look out for new content. You can also bookmark the video section of my blog where I’ll be uploading every video I put on D Tube. Thanks for checking it out!

Where To Buy Modafinil In 2018

my review of Artvigil

Modafinil remains one of the greatest productivity supplements you can take. On Modafinil, you experience nothing short of pure action and raw productivity where tasks and projects magically complete themselves. Modafinil has become a staple for entrepreneurs and anybody required to work long hours. As a normal human, working long hours completely drains you mentally and physically. As a human on Modafinil, you demand even more work load.

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Why I Flushed All My Modafinil

The various versions of Modafinil

I’ll be the first to climb to the top of the mountain to praise Modafinil and its raw effectiveness for enhancing productivity and getting things done. In fact, I’ve used it succesfully to hammer through various projects, road trips, and work related tasks. The stuff is absolutely powerful.

So why did I grab my stash of Modafinil and flush everything down the toilet?

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10 Nootropics Side Effects Nobody Talks About

Nootropics are effective compounds to boost brain function and deliver potent cognitive results. They are not however without their downsides. Finding a reliable nootropic requires many weeks and months of experimentation, and even then – you will most certainly experience side effects in some form or another. Some side effects are mild while others are downright unpleasant. At the end of the day, you determine if the boost you get from nootropics are worth the side effects.

Here are 10 side effects I’ve personally experienced while taking nootropics throughout the years.

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Gonootropics YouTube Channel + Giveaway Update

Dear loyal fans and subscribers,

At this point you have probably figured out my YouTube Channel has been shut down. Yes, the news is true. Other channels were shut down as well including notable nootropics channels like Steve Cronin, Limitless Mindset, and Ryan from Cortex Labs. It appears these channels are back up and running. At one point I had the channel back online after some back and forth from YouTube, only to have it shut down again. The first time the channel was reactivated I had limited access and was unable to upload due to multiple strikes. Then, the channel was banned a second time!

YouTube seems to be taking issue with both Kratom and Modafinil – 2 subjects I was just about to start discussing more frequently.

For me this was the last nail in the coffin as far as the YouTube Channel goes. As much as I loved making the videos I will not be putting energy into a platform with so much power to take everything away. I also refuse to censor myself or my content. For these reasons, the videos will be at a standstill until I can find a suitable platform.

The giveaways + future videos

Does this mean I won’t be doing the giveaways or making videos anymore? No. I have a number of other platforms I’m looking at for uploads. If you want to see if I’ve uploaded, new videos will be posted to the video section of the Gonootropics website.

As far as giveaways I will still be doing those as well, although what made those fun was making videos, revealing winners on camera, etc etc. Once again, these will commence as soon as I find a suitable platform. Regardless of whether or not a video platform reveals itself, I will be holding a nice giveaway in the month of June for everyone on the email list.

I would like to thank everyone for sticking around. The train keeps rolling!